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Why we beat an undead dead horse

05 08 10 - 10:08

Society changes as its thinking members -- 2-5% -- change attitudes.

That's why news, political opinion, even politician's speeches are important.

You will undoubtedly have stupid and fatalistic friends who tell you it's not worth attending to, and/or will tell you to stop tilting at windmills or beating a dead horse when you harp on something that needs changing.

But without someone harping, it never changes. Maybe that's what your stupid and fatalistic friends want -- no change? no evolution? -- because that way they're correct to not be involved. "See, we told you so, it never changes." That's why they are stupid and fatalistic.

But here at ANUS, we harp on issues that we feel not only need to change but are changing. The most difficult aspect of change is getting it done right. Because most people react emotionally, and have no idea of the underlying causes of the phenomenon they witness, they tend to carve away at the results of those causes without changing the causes themselves.

The result is -- if 1789, 1917 and 1968 are listening it would be best here -- total chaos and destruction under the guise of "empowering the People" or other happy horseshit.

Here's the latest straight talk on an undead horse issue:

"Being called a racist is the single most damaging charge for any American," said Niger Innis, the national spokesman for the Congress of Racial Equality, a major player in the civil rights struggle that since the late 1960s has been aligned with the right. "Because of this new phenomenon, the NAACP....has now adopted the tactic it was formed to fight in the first place—racial terror! The same racial terror that was employed by whites in hoods is now being employed by blacks and whites in suits!


"The left has wielded racism like a dirty nuclear weapon, destroying whole cities and the hopes and dreams of many Americans, not just black Americans," said Kevin Jackson, a self-published author and blogger who calls himself "a leader in the consulting industry in America" and frequently appears on talk radio. "It's time that reign of terror ended." - Thlate

Why can't we all just get along? Because the opportunity cost for "getting along" is obliterating who we are: culture, values, customs, histories, and ethnicity.

It's flamingly obvious if you think about it, and in another twenty years, people will as widely consider that statement obvious as they consider multiculturalism "obviously right" today.

Attitudes are changing, and the left is in a panic. The left is in a panic because it makes its money and its power from convincing people they are victims, and if they just overthrow government/the rich/corporations/kings/Jesus that everything will be OK. It's a product like any other, from the "you deserve something nice today!" of commercials to the indulgence of fellow drunks at a bar.

ANUS will continue to harp on these undead horse topics because they are valid, problematic and need changing:

  • Eugenics. Most people are thoughtless, disorganized, lazy, dishonest and careless -- and these things are a product of their low IQs and bad moral character. Let's evolve. Since natural selection is gone owing to our technology, we need to do it. Sterilize the idiots, perverts, criminals, jerks and liars, and give the intelligent men as many women of good character as possible. Let's drown out the losers.

  • Overpopulation. The root of our environmental problem is too many people. You can't fix this by recycling condoms, buying mercury-based light bulbs and using sponges instead of toilet paper. We need fewer people, and fewer people who carelessly litter, pollute, dump toxic waste in New Jersey rivers, etc.

  • Space exploration. We need a new quest as a species. A quest makes us feel whole. Let's explore the stars.

  • Monarchism. Instead of electing liars, let's find the smart people, put them in control, and breed more of them with a hereditary aristocracy. Correspondingly, let's take our lowest citizens and make them serfs, since they screw up anything they touch. The people in the middle need to be challenged with hard objectives, like military and cultural renewal.

  • Culture. If you don't have culture, you get consumerism and big government. Let's renovate culture and have real activities instead of surrogates.

Doesn't sound so complicated, does it -- because it's not, although the reasoning for it is more complex than the excuses given for democracy, consumerism and equality, especially as they fail constantly. We're going to keep beating these undead horses because we're right, and it's time for our illusions to change and be replaced with better ideas.

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