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Consequences of equality

11 10 11 - 15:31

Pick one -- equality, or quality. Can't have both.

The theory advanced in these two books is that there is no such thing as a unified “American culture” (except for the mass produced garbage on television), but instead there are 9 to 11 regional cultures, and American politics is driven by the ruthless competition between two rival blocs of nations led by “Dixie” and “Yankeedom.” - Occidental Dissent

With equality, there is no culture. Everyone chooses their own values, even though no one has time and few have the brains necessary.

And then there's the crab bucket effect of equality -- everyone crawling to the top to be more equal than the others:

Instead, the research shows that many students are involved in "social combat" -- a constant verbal, physical and cyber fight to the top of the school social hierarchy.

"Kids are caught up in patterns of cruelty and aggression that have to do with jockeying for status," explains Robert Faris, a sociologist whom "Anderson Cooper 360°" partnered with for the pilot study. "It's really not the kids that are psychologically troubled, who are on the margins or the fringes of the school's social life. It's the kids right in the middle, at the heart of things ... often, typically highly, well-liked popular kids who are engaging in these behaviors."

Faris, along with the co-author of the study, Diane Felmlee, also found that bullies, whom they call aggressors, and victims are not defined roles, but in many cases, they can be the same person. The higher students rise on the social ladder, the more they bully other students, and the more other students bully them.

"When kids increase in their status, on average, they tend to have a higher risk of victimization as well as a higher risk of becoming aggressive," Faris says. - CNN

The system is the bully, and actually, the root of the bullying is equality. Without social roles, it's dog-eat-dog with no goal, so you might as well do whatever you have to.

two comments

I agree. American culture just ain't what it used to be. I go to bed every night blasted beyond belief in my old tie dye getup with the hope that I'll wake up back in the 60s. The love was free and the drugs were glee and you and me and damn... I miss those days. burntouthippie - 11-10-’11 21:02
I'm pretty sure the author of this post would say your generation is predominantly responsible for the conditions that created the mentioned phenomenon. That is, if you aren't just a useless troll post. @hippie - 12-10-’11 18:17

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