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Let's be useless

11 10 11 - 15:02

Two articles:

This site has often been criticized for its lack of pity for the poor but, on the whole (with maybe 2% exceptions) the poor treat their possessions like trash, cannot save money, and waste money on short-term pleasures instead of long-term investments like housing, education and income-producing properties.

There's a reason the 99% are the 99%. Except they're not 99% -- more like, uh, whatever percentage voted for Obama.

ten comments

metrosexual faggot
So many fools with opinions on the economy, and not one knows an iota of how capitalism and the free market work. metrosexual faggot - 11-10-’11 17:43
At least the obama-fools had enough brains to vote for someone who supports their self-interest(s), whereas the retardo-neocons voted for somebody who after ducking out of military service instigated an unnecessary war they are paying for with money and the blood of their children and who only served the financial elite. JooPe (Email ) (URL) - 11-10-’11 20:18
Also, contrary to the delusions of whoever writes for this site now, the average IQ of those who vote liberal is well above those who vote conservative, and your typical 'liberal' will understand 'conservative arguments much better than vice versa. JooPe (Email ) (URL) - 11-10-’11 20:25
From the 20k article:

"I splurge on things with friends, like going out to bars. To me, the most important thing is to have fun with friends. I'd rather spend $30 or $40 to go out with friends and have those memories that buy a bunch of CDs or random things. What's the hardest thing to do without?"

Good to see someone making a small amount of money using some sense. hurr - 11-10-’11 20:42
Jewish Mystic
Donate your money to the kosher turkey bacon movement!!! DO Not BE SELFISH! Jewish Mystic - 11-10-’11 20:59
@JooPe...Thanks for stating the same stereotypical bullshit that we hear on the (surprise) liberal media..."oh, gee, Papa Smurf, we are soooooo much smarter than them." This is the same bunch of fuck tards who voted Obama because "he's a good speaker". Oh, and by the way, thanks for telling me about Bush...Jesus! I had absolutely NO idea he did all THAT! Just because liberals desearve and get criticism on this site (or anywhere else) does not automatically make one a Bush supporter who sooooooo needs you to point out the obvious about his term as El Dictator...idiot. FUCK OFF ASSHOLE - 11-10-’11 21:48
@FUCK OFF ASSHOLE... You're not actually the paragon of cohesive critical thought yourself. What this article does is just insult those the writer perceives as being genetically worthless. Instead of looking at the demands of those who call themselves the 99% and trying to determine in a systematic way if their demands are justifiable, the writer has immediately deemed them Untermenschen. But that is what this site has done time and again. Some analysis on the banking system, the debt crisis in Europe, usury, fiat money, and how all these elements contribute to our culture's malaise, these would be infinitely more enlightening than the total sum of all the articles on this website. Maybe all this site is really doing is trolling under the guise of supposed intellectual superiority. But it's so out of step with the technical crux of the issues of the times, that it's become difficult to take this site seriously anymore.
Farewell anus.com. I won't be coming back. BrutalBeats - 14-10-’11 23:21
Big words do not =intellect
@Brutalbeats...as far as "looking at the demands of those who call themselves the 99% and trying to determine in a systematic way if their demands are justifiable", that is easily enough done by anyone with a critical eye, and does not require this site to talk about it. Their ACTIONS make them "Untermenschen". They have proven this "time and again". Perhaps the writer simply takes this as a given. Big words do not =intellect - 15-10-’11 11:49
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