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An illusion unravels

10 10 11 - 20:38

Who would have thought?

U.S. researchers conducted a meta-analysis that found drivers who test positive for marijuana are more than twice as likely as other drivers to be in a crash. - UPI

Marijuana, like most drugs, is dangerous because it's fun with minimal effort.

It is also intoxicating, which means impairing.

Because it takes up a lot of time, it also becomes a lifestyle choice that separates one from the mainstream.

There is no escaping these facts.

We give up many things that are fun in the now for things that are better in the longterm.

I may support the idea of legalizing marijuana seed sales ONLY IF we also create the death penalty for any marijuana sales.

That way, those who can get their act together to grow it can enjoy it; those who sell it face a penalty that's too serious to ignore.

We should send a clear message, no equivocation: either our society supports it, or it doesn't.

If we do away with equality, we can say "For Shamans and homegrowers only" and sidestep a lot of the problem.

But the fact remains that most of our citizens are bored, miserable and confused, and love to get high. It does them no favors in the long-term.

Should we let them do it? It doesn't kill them before they breed.

five comments

What about those of us who use it like the negro jazz musicians of yore, to get deep in the groove, like no straight-edger ever could? I bet you didnt consider that, probably b/c you were listening to some Norse kid flailing at his kit, waaaaaay ahead of the beat while some asshole turns the treble to 666 on an Ibanez.

However, I do like the idea of "homegrow legal, death for dealers". HowardBoom (Email ) - 10-10-’11 21:51
@above faggot
Dude, HowardBoom, shut the fuck up! @above faggot - 11-10-’11 06:19
Ha y'know buddy after looking at some of the earlier pixels on this website I noticed a slight, slight proclivity towards cannabis usage. Guess you haven't seen that wired article about Prozak and Sanguine Mapsama getting haiiigghhhh on an iBong.
Stipulate that aforementioned opinions on cannabis were cultivated by hefty copulation with the polyglot hibiscus. cephalust - 11-10-’11 07:34
Really, really stupid.
That would be the stupidest law ever conceived by man. Really, really stupid. - 11-10-’11 12:16
reluctant reefer
The concept of a responsible stoner probably seems like an oxymoron to many.

Is the skill / patience / care necessary for home marijuana cultivation a sufficient character test?

Even so, my guess is that the technology involved would quickly evolve to make it possible for your average moron to be a successful homegrower. reluctant reefer (Email ) - 11-10-’11 12:45

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