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Why control-based laws exist

04 08 10 - 15:07

You may find yourself at some point impeded by a law, and asking yourself, "Why am I banned from doing this relatively innocuous thing?"

The answer is simple: other people doing that thing caused problems. Those problems interrupted what most people in a society have in common, which is a career/family focus. Any society that lacks career/family focus falls apart if not through lack of reproduction, through lack of work ethic.

Signs of Germany's liberal public drinking laws are everywhere. Indeed, for many visitors to the country, sipping a beer while walking down the street is almost as exhilarating as a high-speed drive down the autobahn.

Increasingly, though, municipalities are tiring of public drinking -- and the inevitable public drunkenness that results. Numerous movements are afoot to ban the practice. From the country's northeast to the southwest, politicians of all stripes are exploring ways to put the cap back on the bottle.

"We have a problem with alcohol consumption in public places and with people who drink too much and cause disturbances," Reinhold Gall, a state parliamentarian in Baden-Württemberg for the Social Democrats (SPD), told SPIEGEL ONLINE. - Der Spiegel

Public drinking has always been illegal in America and legal in most of Europe -- why? And why is it changing now?

Europe originally had more of a social order, so people would of their own volition avoid causing problems with it. But Europe's social order has broken down. There is no longer an agreed-upon culture and set of values in common. In other words, Europe has caught up with America in the race toward disorder.

So now here come the American-style laws. When there's no social standard, governments need to intervene with control standards. This is the price you pay for "tolerance": lack of agreement, hence a need for bigger cops with more laws.

Good thinking, Europe. I think we now know why Europe has feigned superiority over the USA -- they're afraid they're following our path. Now they get to face the consequences.

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