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Defending ethnonationalism

05 05 10 - 13:11

Some silly blog, filled with silly people who get their political opinions from entertainers, had a cow over ANUS's refusal to be against ethnonationalism -- even though that's a reversal of our former opinion, since this site was so "anti-racist" from 1996-1999 that we wouldn't even list bands like Infester or Graveland in our catalogue of reviews.

Here's a response to these well-meaning people who have decided that they can gain more scene points for being altruistic egalitarians than realists:

The problem here is that you divide the world into binary: racist or anti-racism.

There's shades of grey. People who are nationalists, for example, are not racist -- but they do believe that the best organization of a society is by culture, values and heritage.

One racial group, one nation.

The left's insistence on seeing this racist/not-racist dichotomy has caused more racial resentment than anything else. Racial groups separated do not scorn each other; thrown together, they compete and hate each other. That's why 200 years of American racial politics has not changed the essentials of the situation.

The future of humanity is in ethnonationalism, and that's why black metal spotted it while the white liberal establishment is still stuck in the 1960s. With a strong organic underpinning like culture and its genetic encoding in ethnicity, we can have societies that do not depend on all-powerful governments and economics to lead. Instead we have shared values in detail, and no substantial inequality of ability.

There are definitely people I do categorize as "racist," and I shy away from them because I think it's a mental dysfunction. Racism to me means wanting another race in a lower place so you can use them as cheap labor, or abuse them. That's broken logic, but it's on par with the notion that we can have a diverse society and still have direction.

If you want globalism and the New World Order, keep insisting that some humans are "non-racist" and everyone else is "racist." You'll quickly give government the mandate it needs for moral rule, and destroy culture so that there's nothing for us but television, materialism and The Nanny State. - comment reply

The world isn't as simple as "God is love" or dividing humanity into "non-racist" and imply that everyone else is, by the converse principle, a bed-wetting neckbeared trailer-dweller yee haw uneducated ignorant redneck racist. If anything, that outlook shows the deficiency of those who repeat it, which is that they're terrified that they might not be as cool as they like to think they are. Hence the pretense of being educated, borne out by their imitation of the "educated" opinions of others. It's like a bad satire of peasants pretending to be kings: "We, here on our thrones, we are higher. And you, in the fields, are lower. It must be so, for we have these fine robes and degrees from state colleges. Now, pit me a grape, you racist peasant."

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