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Steve Jobs dies of AIDS at age 56

06 10 11 - 05:11

Let's first remember what he did well: he made computers in white and simplified interfaces, and realized that people would trade a lot of "it's simple and it works" for "I can do anything with it."

Let's then remember what he screwed up:

  • Ripoff hardware -- second-rate PC hardware at three times the price. No thanks.

  • Consumer-unfriendly units -- it costs $400, and you can't remove the battery, so you need a new one in 18 months.

  • Control-oriented operating systems -- customers will screw it up unless you control what they can install.

  • Rolled back the clock -- the open market, where one person doesn't make both PC and operating system, has less control but more flexibility.

  • Ripped off his partners -- including cheating Steve Wozniak early on.

  • Abusive to his workers -- frequently launched into tirades and either overpraised or overcondemned workers.

  • Faux hippie -- he bought into BoHo culture and turned it into a trend.

That being said, we're sorry he died -- of AIDS, which is what the press is not covering. Pancreatic cancer? Bullshit. Stage-four, full blown AIDS.

four comments

FUCK THIS SITE APPLE PRAWDUCKS R THA BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Adrian - 06-10-’11 06:11
Jewish Mystic
Apple products are better to use when high on LSD. Jewish Mystic - 06-10-’11 07:12
das juden
All the sheeple are bleating over the death of their demi-god of course. Even though without Steve Wozniak and others Steve Jobs would still be a dirty unshaved hippy. das juden - 06-10-’11 14:51
hipster, hessian morbidity
Steve Jobs didn't have AIDS, look at his hot ass wife! hipster, hessian morbidity - 11-10-’11 06:34

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