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Undeniably awesome

05 10 11 - 18:24

Worth reading:

Caucasians are not fully or normally developed human beings but are only the inbred mutant albinos of their genetic masters—Black Africans. - Stewart Synopsis

Still not sure what it's actually trying to prove, but it's a lot of fun!

ten comments

This is pretty standard black supremacist type rhetoric. I'm surprised you haven't been exposed to this before.

FYI, it can get way funnier than this. JesusEqualityFreedom - 05-10-’11 18:28
"FYI, it can get way funnier than this."

Link please, and I thought this was side splitting enough! blackmagicnight! - 05-10-’11 18:32
Obama bin Laden
Does that means that i'll have to stop whipping and beating all the nigger slaves i have working for me in my cotton farm? Fuck, I demand refunds! Obama bin Laden - 05-10-’11 18:43
Black Supremacist
Steve Jobs is dead! Woo! Black Supremacist - 05-10-’11 19:23
Whats the difference between this and some of the comments on this message board? Yawn... - 05-10-’11 20:05
This is what black people actually believe
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuwaubian_Nation This is what black people actually believe - 05-10-’11 20:55
steve jobs died of aids
wake up idiots steve jobs died of aids - 06-10-’11 03:10
Blacks are dumb
The black average IQ is 89 in American, and 60-70 in Africa. That's the lowest of any racial group in America and the world respectively.

And they score the highest on culturally biased tests, not culturally fair ones. Blacks are dumb - 06-10-’11 05:12
Reptilian Shapeshifter
this website is even better:

http://www.truthism.com/ Reptilian Shapeshifter - 06-10-’11 07:57
@Blacks are dumb
Is that the only defense that whites have? "Blacks IQ is low". C'mon, something a little more clever and less of forceful rhetoric. @Blacks are dumb - 11-10-’11 06:40

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