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How to commit genocide and get away with it

02 10 11 - 11:06

How simple it is:

Maynard had long been taught that Taíno Indians, the indigenous people of Puerto Rico, were "gone, dead and buried" for centuries, decimated by Spaniards who arrived on the island in the 16th century.

Four years ago, Maynard heard about the work of Dr. Juan Carlos Martinez Cruzado, a geneticist from the University of Puerto Rico. In an island-wide genetic study, he found that at least 61.1% of those surveyed had mitochondrial DNA of indigenous origin.

Cruzado's findings eventually cast doubt upon the notion that the Taínos of Puerto Rico had been completely extinguished but suggested that they assimilated. - CNN

If you want to destroy Jews, force them to accept Palestinians living next to them.

If you want to destroy Hindus, move in Muslim Arabs.

If you want to obliterate European-Americans, import anyone but European-descended peoples.

Genocide, with no price to pay.

nine comments

USA = Kosher State
If you want to destroy Palestinians, force them to accept Jews living next to them. USA = Kosher State - 02-10-’11 11:15
It's not genocide
I'm pretty sure no-one is forcing white people to start procreating with that black guy living across the street. It's not genocide - 02-10-’11 14:01
notgenocide, proletarian see, proletarian do MegaOwen - 02-10-’11 14:10
Fucking relax.
You keep using language like "import" and "move them in", as if it's someone else's idea.

Immigrants come to the US because they want to. Not opposing this is not the same as "importing them".

And besides, unlike with the Spaniards, it's the immigrants who assimilate, not the natives.

As for the Jews and Palestinians, key word "next to". Fucking relax. - 02-10-’11 14:30
Prove that globalization and inter-mixing are not bad things, sir Prozak. I am here to disparage all ANUSian ideas in the name of freedom and equality. Cum inside MY anus. Utopia is NOW. Dave - 02-10-’11 19:07
Let me get this straight, you guys promote Zionism even though it means the ethnic cleansing of Arabs and the disposition of lands historically belonging to Arabs. And yet are against white colonialism and NS because of the Holocaust? Double standards much?

This comes as no surprise since you promote Mr. Taylor who as said that "Jews act as the conscience of the people" and is all to ready to welcome Jews into an European movement. And because a sister site as written articles that postulate the Jew as the master race.

ANUS promotes Jewish supremacy, and Jewish interests over all even if it results in the genocide of those people. Zionism...? - 03-10-’11 13:01
Dave Metric
ANUS likes the white culture the best so it decides to use the word "genocide" to describe immigration and racial intermixing in order to moralize the white culture's will to power.

You can't fool me with this tricky. I know all the moralilty tricks people use to further their own self-interest.

"Morality" is the spear of the weakling.
"Law" is the will of the conqueror.
"Justice" is the victory of the strong.

Interracial marriages are only 2% of marriages so the importation of other races seems to be a very small factor in the dwindling population of the white race. I think there is a much more frightening reason for its decline: its education and its reliance on reason.

There is no rational reason why anyone would choose to have children. Children cost money, children don't always return favors, children require intense sacrifices, children are hard to take care of, children are hard to control, etc, etc, etc. The reason people have kids is for emotional reasons. This means the more reliant on reason a culture is the less likely it is to have kids. The white culture is decling precisely because it was succeeding in the past. It accumulated vast priviliege and wealth. This means it got more education and therefore reason. As a result it chooses to have less children. Minorities are moreso in poverty and yet despite all the financial penalites and hardships associated with children they STILL think it would be nice to have them. This can only be explained by their intense stupidity and emotions. Dave Metric - 04-10-’11 21:01
Jewish Mystic
Racism will only be defeated when there are no races. We must mix. WE ARE THE 100% - we will all blend into a homogeneous society. Then we will defeat HIV. We will unite into a great mass of bliss, all differences dissolved. We will become the undistinguished void. Jewish Mystic - 05-10-’11 09:41
Thank you Jewish Mystic
Fuck this website and thanks Jewish Mystic...

No if only I can find a hot latina to jizz inside of will I be set... Thank you Jewish Mystic - 05-10-’11 17:38

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