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Too much openness

01 10 11 - 13:04

If you make yourself open to the world, and all of its ideas, it will dominate you.

Part of being open-minded -- the second part -- is at some point making a choice.

Liberals are those who never make this choice, and like to wallow in the possibility.

This leads to think about life emotionally, and symbolically, and ignoring consequences in reality.

Panera Bread's noble experiment in pay-what-you-want retail has been successful at its first two restaurants in St. Louis and Detroit, taking in about 80% of the retail price of the food they serve. They serve as shining reminders of the fundamental goodness of people. In the Midwest, anyway. Until recently, the third free-will restaurant in Portland, Oregon was faltering, not attracting enough paying customers and losing money.

It turns out that the down-and-out in Portland like to eat free food and linger. For hours on end. While the point of the eatery is to help people out, the experiment was never intended as a homeless shelter. The business model depends on attracting customers who will pay retail for their meals, and some who will pay a little extra. - Consumerist

It's not a not-for-profit eatery. It's one that relies on a sense of community.

In tight-knit places, that seems to work.

In the modern cosmopolitan, hipster city? Heck no.

Openness goes too far.

two comments

It's not hipsters using Panera Cafe as a homeless shelter, you nitwit. And Portland is the Whitest metropolis in USA. Okay? Farankie - 05-10-’11 00:37
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