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The retardation continues

30 09 11 - 16:04

From some truly witless people (proles in lab coats are still proles):

Did you know that you’re racist? Everyone is a bit, previous research has shown. Now, a new study suggests that culture may be to blame.

“There’s one idea that people tend to associate black people with violence, women with weakness or older people with forgetfulness because they are prejudiced. But there’s another possibility that what’s in your head is not you, it’s the culture around you,” lead researcher Paul Verhaeghen, professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology’s school of psychology, said in a release. - The Globe and Mail

This is the left's old argument:

All differences are social constructs, because we are 100% equal proven by science-god through math.

Therefore, if you notice that women are weaker than men, your disparagement of the dogma of the glorious people's republic is forgivable only if you are ignorant, stupid or otherwise confused. If not, you have directly attacked EQUALITY which is the religion of our new era!

Nevermind that all humans exist on not only a bell curve of ability, but a lateral bell curve of specialization, and not all abilities are needed in equal degrees for all specializations.

If you mention that proles are less able to make complex judgments correctly than aristocrats, the leftist/liberals/revolutionaries have a panic attack. You assaulted the dogma, which since we have no culture left, is the cornerstone of our NEW WORLD ORDER!

You might as well have endorsed witchcraft in a church. You are a sinner, or a Red, or worse. Burn in hell.

nine comments

Quit bitching, take some Soma and hit up your local orgie porgie. Beta - 30-09-’11 19:43
sceptic reader
Can you please define what is the NEW WORLD ORDER. I'd prefer you were precise, and possibly write a full article about it. sceptic reader - 30-09-’11 21:26
i can wiggle my ears
@sceptic reader

I don't think Prozak's referring to the same NWO as 9/11 truthers. Instead, he's referring to the West's cultural conquest of the rest of the world carried out under the guise of freedom and democracy. i can wiggle my ears - 30-09-’11 21:42
i can wiggle my ears
And, of course, the backwards thinking that goes along with it. i can wiggle my ears - 30-09-’11 21:48
Yes, and this effect worsens in places where you must cooperate or compete with others, like at school and at work.
There is no need for a conspiracy theory, no need for "evil" organizations or individuals that wish to control the world. They're just stupid...People who are able to lead actually do take control, despite of the sheep bleating their moronic dogma, and it happens in every field. Take the army, for example; they possess technology that will only be released to the market in 10+ years. Most people concerned about "science" like "exobiology" would think of any possible alien life form as a god. Anthropomorphic, of course. Osi - 30-09-’11 21:50
i think a lot of "proles" are either ignorant or fearful of reality, and if thoroughly and properly explained, might be able to grasp it better. a lot of proles could be uneducated, but its obvious that a lot are genetically predisposed to be proles. thousands of years of misinterpreted symbolism could be the cause of the modern prole's dogmas and religions, at least i think. and our education system's teaching approach is based on compulsive memorization without understanding of the context. for example, if i would have learned philosophy in grade school, i would have payed more attention to other things from a more interested perspective. but because we are all "equal", and philosophy is subjective, our teachers aren't allowed to teach us a philosophy unless most people compromise and agree on an accessible worldview to teach. stupidity is the NWO. blame liberal "equal" education. Druid - 30-09-’11 23:43
This is why I hate Unions, proles uniting behind a corrupt entity to further hide the useless segments. An excuse for incompetent people to not get fired. Asshole - 01-10-’11 10:43
teachers get payed more than cops where im from. but they always whine about funding. fuck the teachers union. Druid - 01-10-’11 11:38
Druid, where are you from? Same here Osi - 12-10-’11 09:08

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