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Anatomy of a tragedy

29 09 11 - 16:51

From the usual liars:

"Go home!" she yelled at me. "Why don't you go back home to Mexico before you ruin this country like you ruined your own!" - CNN

Aspect 1: The Hispanics, Asians, African-Americans and other non-Europeans were imported here as cheap labor and as a majority vote-breaker, much as the Irish, Greeks, Slavs, Italians and Jews were formerly imported. The proles and their unions, the big corporations, organized crime and land barons are all in agreement that this is good. The middle class dissents but can't stop itself (or the 3x as numerous lower classes) from buying the cheap products made by this labor.

Aspect 2: Mexicans didn't ruin their country. What ruined Mexico was a series of bad decisions, culminating in the choice to give field hands and maids the vote. These people don't know anything about politics. Most college-educated desk workers know nothing about politics; those who showed even less educational aptitude know even less, and since their own lives are squalid disasters, clearly lack the aptitude to make these decisions. As usual, political decisions made by an elite IN ORDER TO PANDER TO THE VAST MASSES OF UNDIFFERENTIATED PROLES brought down Mexico, as it brings down any nation.

Aspect 3: The Hispanic fellow who wrote this article believes in the "human rights" mantra of the United Nations. He thinks that if you're human, you can go anywhere at any time and do whatever you want to do. Another group of people felt this way: the Conquistadors. If we take this Hispanic fellow at his word, then it would be entirely legitimate to invade Mexico and enslave the population because that's how we roll.

It's like an ironic tragicomedy from Hell.

nine comments

just curious
Today in my history class I was learning about Islamic hatred for Judaism, and I found myself wondering how this fits into ANUS's nationalism. Do you adhere to the "tolerate everything except intolerance" policy and denounce Islamic culture as toxic and bigoted, or do you just allow Muslims to follow their inherent path of jihad and instead concentrate on strengthening your own culture? just curious - 29-09-’11 23:46
It's seems like ANUS is conservative on the home front, but tolerant and libertarian globally. Part of this might come from a distaste for trying to police the world, but would you advocate restraining a rogue culture that is spreading out like a spilt bucket of water and conquering other cultures? cont'd - 30-09-’11 08:31


FUCK BRETT STEVENS TOO!!!! Adrian - 30-09-’11 11:11
Despite what liberal propaganda mouths would have you believe, nationalism doesn't equal infighting by default. Look at the involvement of "Democracy" in warfare and constant international intervention for an example of what not to do. Asshole - 30-09-’11 13:30
Meant "conflict" not "infighting" Asshole - 30-09-’11 13:31
ANUS seems to usually say that muslims should do whatever their own culture dictates. Jihad is not a completely random act comitted by people who love warfare for the sake of warfare. There are very few cultures that value that. Muslims usually commit jihad because someone has attacked their religion or invadded their homeland. Obviously, in realtion to the jews, this problem is more complex, but the same general principles still hold. Just about any action can signify an over-abundance of strength or a decline of strenght, as Nietzsche might phrase it. When Muhammad and his followers conquered Arabia they demonstrated an abundance of strenght by unifying what was disperate and disconnected into a political and religious whole. Jihad nowadays is questionable.

In a healthy society-one full of strength-warfare and violence promote good things by keeping the population small and strng and courageous. This is why the old Greek city states would go out and fight small battles every summer (at certain points in their history) for no reason other than their belief in the benfits of war. In a decadent society, warfare usually indicates an animalistic impulse. If you are so full of hate that the only thing you fell like devoting your life to is dstruction, the problem is probably with you and your values, although as I said, not always.

I have never heard ANUS promote tolerance.

If a culture is conquering out of spiritual strength, then who are a bunch of decadent, modern, democrats like us to call them "unhumane?" If, on the other hand, they are a depraved peple who love nothing more than destruction for its own sake, they won't last long. If they do, its because the rest of humanity is weaker and more decadent than the conquerors. If thats the case, maybe humanity's time is up. Brian - 30-09-’11 15:42
muslims say that one day the whole world will be muslim. im sure that means expansionism. anus would probably oppose expansionistic jihad. Druid - 30-09-’11 18:57
In healthy times, expansionist Jihad would be defended against. Who is performing expansionist behavior and forcefully imposing their views on others now though? "Freedom"-loving Democracies. Asshole - 01-10-’11 10:52
This was an interesting read until you pulled the Conquistador comparison. Is the Adolf Analogy not trendy anymore? Franny - 06-10-’11 05:49

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