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My species is composed of real morons

27 09 11 - 14:56

Every time I see a "scientific study" and "scientific article" like this, I'm reminded how the proles have taken over, and in the hands of a prole, even a noble discipline is reduced to stupidity:

The researchers analyzed the relationship between tax progressivity and personal well-being in 54 nations surveyed by the Gallup Organization in 2007 -- a total of 59,634 respondents. Well-being was expressed in people's assessments of their overall life quality, from "worst" to "best possible life," on a scale of 1 to 10; and in whether they enjoyed positive daily experiences (such as smiling, being treated with respect, and eating good food) or suffered negative ones, including sadness, worry, and shame. Finally, the analysis looked at the participants' satisfaction with their nation's public goods, from schools to clean air.

The degree of progressivity was measured by the difference between the highest and lowest tax rates, corrected for such confounding factors as family size, social security taxes paid, and tax benefits received by individuals.

The results: On average, residents of the nations with the most progressive taxation evaluated their own lives as closer to "the best possible." They also reported having more satisfying experiences and fewer discomfiting ones than respondents living in nations with less progressive taxes. That happiness, Oishi says, was "explained by a greater degree of satisfaction with the public goods, such as housing, education, and public transportation." - Science Daily

I'll make this really simple, since it seems that all but a few humans are brick stupid.

  1. There are no other differences between nations. None, in composition of population.

  2. In high tax states, people don't rationalize the cost by praising public services. Nope. Not at like how people living in places like Austin and San Francisco praise those places whenever the topic of high rents come up.

  3. Happiness is external. Yep, it must be. It has nothing to do with direction or stability of society.

  4. Also, people aren't hamsters. They aren't cowed by peer pressure into doing what's popular even if it's stupid.

A load of sarcasm for a planet of morons.

five comments

You show them how to *really* do an experiment.
Good thing we have the master of experimental design here. How did those Toronto professors get tenure over you?

Studies like this always operationalize concepts like "happiness", and control for as much as they can, while they can't control for everything.

Of course they measure happiness by individual response; how else exactly would they do it? Have someone follow around 60,000 people to see if they're really happy?

And I haven't seen you have a problem with this kind of design when the results are something you think supports your position, like "women dissatisfied with meaningless sex" or "out of Africa is false".

I guess we now what you mean by ""scientific study" and "scientific article" like this"; that is, one whose results you don't like. You show them how to *really* do an experiment. - 27-09-’11 17:06
^ You go girl! Fight the oppressors!

The important point is that the happiness of the irrelevant is irrelevant. anti-weak - 27-09-’11 17:21
Relevance is relative.

If your goal is a greater happiness for a greater number of people, then the happiness of a 60,000 randomized sample of people is indeed relevant. And apparently those who funded the study approved of that goal.

The fact that those at this site do not agree is irrelevant to the purposes, and indeed the merits, of the study.

It's also irrelevant to whether those who conducted the study are morons, since the object of the study is independent of whether the study was properly conducted. anti-anti-science - 27-09-’11 17:30
Auntie Idiot
/\= DUMB ASS. Auntie Idiot - 27-09-’11 17:35
sick of white people
hy i just formed a new nation where we hook electrodses 2 our brain to stimiluate the happiness centers it is the happiest and best and we get sodomized by horses daily

thereforen ations where u get sodomized by horses are the best sick of white people (URL) - 28-09-’11 08:13

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