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A new take on socialism

25 09 11 - 17:56

Socialism can't be all bad. Imagine we crossed it with natural selection.

What if we took a test in 8th grade or 11th grade, and the smart ones got subsidized for life?

This would free up our best to do their work outside the bounds of commerce or popularity.

The rest would support them, and benefit from their efforts.

I wonder why socialists never seem to explore this possibility.

seven comments

i propose a definition for insanity and it is thus: to have such smart ones among ourselves who care about us and failing to put ourselves at their disposal, to do with us as they please. bloodsuckingfeast (Email ) - 25-09-’11 18:23
Subsidizing anyone is the opposite of natural selection, and the only thing 'natural selection' cares about is procreating and you don't need a 180 IQ to do that. nigger - 25-09-’11 22:18
sick of white people
strongsurvie inp rison sick of white people - 26-09-’11 15:12
imagine if we had a society where the only thing impeding someone was the limits to their talent, instead of a inflated and costly bureaucracy whose first aim will be perpetuate its own existence. oh wait its called liberal free market capitalism and ANUS hates it. cvdfg (Email ) - 27-09-’11 09:41
Anon: Libertarian philosophies fail at assisting the group in favor of individual "freedom" and monetary gain. This promotes corrupt, disingenuous behavior that caters to the Lowest Common Denominator because money can be made. The sacred can not be judged by the measure of modern capitalist and communist philosophies, all routed in the purely material. Josh - 27-09-’11 12:08
sick of white people
WHAT IS ROUTED FAG U LEARN TO SPELL WHITE bOY sick of white people - 27-09-’11 12:09
Your Mama aint SHIT!
Spell this...N-I-G-G-E-R. Your Mama aint SHIT! - 27-09-’11 17:36

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