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More complicated than they like to think

25 09 11 - 08:05

Crowdists (incl. Liberals/Leftists) love easily-packaged simplistic explanations for reality.

Those give the individual more time for its own ego, and less time learning difficult nuances of reality. More self, less world!

Aboriginal Australians may be descendants of the very first people to leave Africa more than 60,000 years ago, DNA evidence suggests.

The analysis of hair collected from an aboriginal man in southwestern Australia in 1923 supports the theory that there were two separate waves of migration from Africa, the place where humans first evolved, and that most Europeans and Asians came from the second migration. - CBC

I never thought "out of Africa" would fall, but it seems less likely to be true. I have no personal stake in the belief either way; evolution stands as the wisdom of God or the inerrance of mathematical logic, whichever way you want to look at it.

However, it's likely that we're going to find human life arose simultaneously in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

These populations intermixed but not uniformly. This produced three different groups.

After that, I think we will find that Africa is where that which did not differentiate itself went, explaining Africa's high genetic diversity. It is the aggregate, not the origin.

The origin occurred in multiple places, changed, and is now vanished.

six comments

<span class='registered'>Druid</span>
has anyone on anus heard of "ida", the supposed 47 million year old primate found in the Messel pit outside of Frankfurt, Germany? Druid - 25-09-’11 13:26
Ida fan
I have. They don't talk about that very much. Ida fan - 25-09-’11 13:51
Uni Prof
Shhh, let's pretend ida doesn't exist. It invalidates all my textbooks and disrupts my worldview. Uni Prof - 25-09-’11 14:02
Malcolm Sex
Let me get this straight Vijay, you are against ethnic cleansing such as the Germans against the Jews(the Holocaust) and you want everyone to go to where they belong(blacks to Africa).

Okay, BUT the Jews carved out Israel from Palestine. Israel did not exist until they came to Palestine and kicked everyone out of part of it. It is like if Europeans went to Japan and took half of it. You are against doing this but yet support Zionism.

Not only this but Zionists ethnically cleansed all Palestinians from Israel and along the Gaza strip. This was a Holocaust against the Palestinians.

So you are against genocide of the Jews but for the genocide of Palestinians. This Pan-nationalism you seem to support does not seem to extend to Arabs.

People do not think the Arabs are oppressed because they are brown.

And since when was Zionism un-popular, every president I've heard of is Zionist and most every world leader is. All of them believe in Holocaustianity.

Is this too heretical for ANUS? Malcolm Sex - 25-09-’11 17:09
Uni Prof

Nationalism is better for everyone, historically and eternally. Recent historical events don't negate this. Uni Prof - 25-09-’11 18:23
Most world leaders and politicians support a "two state solution", that makes them not zionists. @Malcom - 25-09-’11 21:20

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