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The blog format

24 09 11 - 06:19

What I like about the blog format is that, once we get past the kiddie drama of life-blogging, it takes two forms:

(a) longer pieces which showcase thoughtful writing

(b) shorter pieces that comment on media sources

Both have their place. #b in particular allows media to be interpreted, e.g. a spin corrector, from every camp, and for a kind of hierarchy of interesting news to emerge. In particular, it allows us to see that the polarization through left/right has not come in the form of radicalism, but in literally selecting different news, different news sources and different topics of discussion. The two aren't radical so much as they're radically incompatible at this point.

This blog has generally been of the #b type, coming on top of a site filled with #a pieces. The best pieces on this blog however, it seems to me, combine the types; they cite multiple media sources and then weave a plausible narrative out of them -- not an alternative narrative, or work-around, but a plausible interpretation of what seem to be "evident" facts.


Vijay the comments section of your posts and the posts on the Dark Legions subsite are usually the quality of most posts on 4chan and YouTube. If this site is elitist and for elitists then shouldn't the idiocy of the comments be taken away? Don't they reflect the vulgar nature of democracy and consumerism? OG - 24-09-’11 09:09
Just saying
I'm inclined to agree. Why give the proles a voice? On the other hand, I've also come to realize that the comments, if anything, verify the idiotic, compartmental mindset that is oft cited in the posts as being widespread. It kind of has a "see? I told you so" effect. That said, I still think the comments are stunningly moronic and painful even at times to read. Just saying - 24-09-’11 11:00
The comments here often make me want to not read the blogs on the site. Imagine if every time you sat down to read Nietzsche a sixteen year old kid appeared who just started telling you all sorts of stupd things that he thought about after he flipped through the book you are reading. Thats kind of what it feels like to read the comments on this site. Rank and Order have no place for anonymous mediocrity. Brian - 24-09-’11 11:04
Buttercup Dew
For relevancy, I'm going to shamelessly plug my own type #a blog which deals with material and viewpoints taken from here and other places and applied to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

http://mynationalistpony.tumblr.com/ Buttercup Dew (URL) - 24-09-’11 13:56
sick of white people
Ooga Booga I'm a fucking nigger ape and I'll kill you and your girlfriend/wife/bitch iwth no remorse and rape the shit out of her because I'm a fucking monkey. sick of white people - 24-09-’11 16:43
Shut the Fuck Up
Noone cares about your personal drama and faggotry or the fact that you're offended by certain unprofessional comments. Go take a fucking University course if you want inoffensive faggotry. Go fuck yourself and die. Shut the Fuck Up - 24-09-’11 16:46
Just Saying
There is a difference between the blog and the comments. No one is making you read either, but it is obvious which one has more thought put into it. If you agree with the message of this site, it should be easy to disregard the stupid comments. When that 16-year-old appears when you are reading Nietzsche and says something retarded, you slap the shit out of him and he goes away. That's why I wouldn't be sad if the comment board magically went away. The idiocy of "sick of white people", "Dave", "Adrian", etc are certainly illustrative of the society that we live in and a vindication of the blog's content, but at the same time, an argument can be made for silencing them. I do not criticize ANUS much, but I have to take issue here. It's theirs to do as they wish, of course, but the prole have enough say in everything else already. Just Saying - 24-09-’11 16:58
brunHILDE FAN #1
LOL YYA GO BRUNHILDE!!! brunHILDE FAN #1 - 24-09-’11 18:14
Yeah the comments are usually unfunny trolling tripe (drop the damn Mastodon bit!) but every now and then I laugh my ass off. Which makes it all worthwhile. Scotty - 24-09-’11 18:38
Here's hoping the above drama is some pathetic troll attempt. What douchebag is seriously saying censorship is required on one of the few places free of psuedo-elitist douche bags. "Hello my name is Bob, I'm so stupid that I get offended, but I think that makes me smart and better than you. My low IQ doesn't let me see how stupid I am." Seriously? - 24-09-’11 19:16
Dave is a smart guy, you are obviously just intimidated by his intellectual superiority. LOL YAY GO DAVE - 24-09-’11 19:47
Just Saying FUCK OFF!
Again, thank you for proving this site right ( yet again ). OH PAPA SMURF CENSORSHIIIIIIP!!! The mating call of the prole. Rot in Hell. Just Saying FUCK OFF! - 25-09-’11 00:11
Sick of idiots
Yes! The Proles/Trolls have spoken! We and everyone willing to cater to us for their own short-sighted reasons have doomed our society. DOWN WITH THE ANUS! DOWN WITH INTELLIGENCE! We have ruined everything else, so now we shall ruin ANUS! Fuck off "sick of white people"! Sick of idiots - 25-09-’11 00:36
Lowering myself to your level
The wise man is willing to admit his mistakes and wrongs. The fool is the one screaming in reaction when someone points out his lack of understanding. As the saying goes, when you point a finger at somebody else, you point several back at yourself. Lowering myself to your level - 25-09-’11 00:40
Hi! My name is "sick of white people". I started out by pretending to be black...only to stop when somebody called me out on it. I then resorted to leaving retarded blather laced with profanity that was supposed to be funny, but wasn't because I failed to realize that in order to be funny I have to have some element of truth to what I am saying, which was NOTHING. So now I'm mad because the same person called me out again on my childish prolling. So here is a string of nonsense for all to see so that all I will be remembered for is nothing. FUCK SHIT FUCK CUNT BITCH FUCK! I think I'm gonna go watch TV...yo. DIE - 25-09-’11 01:46
<span class='registered'>Druid</span>
i suggest anus has a test of worthiness before ur able to become a member. i have no clue as to how that could be accomplished though. any other ideas? Druid - 25-09-’11 02:27
sick of white people
imma big fat monkey gimme dat fried chicken white boy sick of white people - 25-09-’11 06:33
i think b4 u r allowed to post on anus u hav to take an online iq test and show ur certificaet to prozak to prove u r elite. Elitist - 25-09-’11 06:33
Since we are on the internet and can't actually slap the immature retards that post here, it seems like the place of the people in charge of ANUS to proverbially shut them up by not letting them post in the first place. Brian - 25-09-’11 09:58
sick of white people
yeah ban white popl from this forum theyr too stupid to post here sick of white people - 25-09-’11 10:44
"sick of white people" has nothing better to do. Haha...bitch - 25-09-’11 13:49
sick of white people
lol ur the tea pot calling the kettle blak lol kkk fuck i hate you go die sick of white people - 25-09-’11 13:57

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