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Mainstreaming radicalism

23 09 11 - 19:50


How can I make the argument that I have given up radicalism?

It is because my “radical views” are becoming the conventional wisdom of White America: the federal government is hopelessly dysfunctional, it is growing ever more tyrannical, America’s best days are in the past, we can’t afford anymore foreign wars to spread democracy, the mainstream media is the propaganda arm of the liberal establishment, White people live under intolerable racial double standards.

There is nothing that can possibly be done to appease black people, we need to dismantle the welfare state and get rid of affirmative action, racial differences are intractable, “anti-racism” is based on pseudoscience, White people are the victims of black-on-white violent crime, globalization has destroyed the American economy, free trade has eroded the American working class, the SPLC is an illegitimate organization, Newsweek is an illegitimate magazine. - OD

I think it's even simpler than this: people are turning against liberalism, which is "subsidized egalitarianism."

The idea of equality caused multiculturalism, class warfare, enforced equality and many other triggers for vast social problems.

People want to dial back the moral state and make government functional in a limited mode again. Stop trying to save the world, government. Stop telling us what is right -- we know, by our own lights and those of our religions, philosophies and traditions.

We no longer want the Great Ideological Crusade of the 1960s. It failed. It failed on 9/11, it failed in the flash mobs, it failed in the UK riots, and it's going to fail as the EU and USA go bankrupt on their steady diet of entitlements, diversity, government bureaucracy, sex education, anti-drug propaganda and other Nanny State programs.

We took a wrong turn; let's retrace our steps and try again.

six comments

<span class='registered'>Druid</span>
why dont we just leave society and dedicate our lives to becoming independent from it and start our own nation. lets build a new culture off of our ideals, a culture based on objectivism (not ayn rand), self sufficiency, and conservationism. learn to build ur own homes, tools, weapons, ect. buy guns, books, solar panels, and survival equipment. learn survivalism. make a tribe of likeminded people. its time to get more militarized and stop bitching about society. we are the last hope for the future yet we waste our time and money on fruitless distractions. buy land. band together. form communes with ur own laws. we should see these topics more on ANUS, but it seems as though ANUS is too distracted in either stating the obvious, or talking about petty shit. Druid - 25-09-’11 02:15
This isn't a site for people who actually do shit to effect change/improvement, it's a site where people whine about the unwashed proles and liberal media while contributing fuck all to any solution. JooPe (URL) - 25-09-’11 03:43
This website can be a great place for like-minded dissidents to share information. This website can help open up some people's eyes. Action best takes place starting with a local community, whereas this website is international in scope. Action - 25-09-’11 07:01
<span class='registered'>Druid</span>
i agree jooPe, and action. this could be a good website for people with common interests to band together. like posting where dissident's gathering are to take place. this site has potential Druid - 25-09-’11 13:06
The Wanderer
I wouldn't get my hopes up. Others have suggested this before, without much (any) response. But I do agree with this idea 100% The Wanderer - 25-09-’11 14:15
<span class='registered'>Druid</span>
thats a fuckin shame. there needs to be some sort of movement or we're fucked. we need more serious websites. there has to be something. Druid - 25-09-’11 16:33

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