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Living in a fantasy

23 09 11 - 16:26

Why deal with reality at all?

Statistics Canada reports that the proportion of women taking part in social activities has declined from 70% to 62% since 1998, marked by such trends as fewer face-to-face and phone interactions with friends or relatives. Paradoxically, however, women are less likely to say they don’t have enough time for friends or family: 36% in 2010, compared to 41% in 1998, according to the stats.

“Social media has given a lot of people the idea that they’re more connected than they are,” says Patricia Leavy, associate professor of sociology at Stonehill College in Massachusetts. “Putting a post on Facebook about what’s going on in your life is hardly the same as a ladies’ night out, but it may give the illusion that [you're] social.”

Roughly 16.8 million Canadians use Facebook, with that group skewing 54% female, according to the analytics firm Socialbakers. Statistics Canada, meanwhile, shows a nearly eight-fold increase in non-paid computer use by women between 1998 and 2010. - National Post

Just take a picture of your bowel movements and post it online. Now you've proven you're alive!

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nobody in the black community gives a flying fuck about your shitty stupid annoying opinions...

FUCK OFF AND DIE!!! FUCK YOU!!! - 23-09-’11 17:13
brunHILDE FAN #1!!!
LOL YAY GO BRUNHILDE!!! brunHILDE FAN #1!!! - 23-09-’11 19:36
Nobody in the white community gives a fuck about what you have to say. No body in the black community gives a fuck about what this site has to say...except you of course. burn - 25-09-’11 01:49
I've been taking pictures of my bowel movements and posting them on the internet for a long time. Me - 25-09-’11 07:08

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