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Faux culture

23 09 11 - 13:16

I enjoy Tony Sclafani's articles, and thought he raised a good point in this one:

“Nevermind” has been credited over the years with commercializing grunge and alternative rock, ushering in a more serious era of hard rock, helping to kill off hair metal and establishing Seattle as a musical force (even though Nirvana itself was from Aberdeen, Wash.)

But two decades later, it's still unclear why “Nevermind,” of all albums, became so “contagious,” to quote its lead single, “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” Why didn’t albums by Nirvana’s peers, like Alice in Chains, or predecessors like Husker Du, set the world alight? - MSN

Simple answer: because it cut the balls of metal and made it acceptable for self-pitying teenagers.

Heavy metal is many things, but self-pity isn't one of them. It's charge out to battle and get laid all night music. It's war music, fervent music for people who still believe in life.

What teenagers in the 1990s wanted was an excuse to feel beaten down and to give up. They had after all just lived through the 1980s, and watched the deals made (under the hands of the Baby Boomers) that turned America from an innocent first-world nation into a moribund third-world one. I'm not talking race here per se, although that's part of it. I mean the transition between healthy values to a true self-hating, selfish, neurotic culture.

They didn't want music that said, "The world is yours -- charge! allahu ackbar! eureka! geronimo!"; they wanted music that praised retreat, withdrawal and self-pity.

That's why Kurt Cobain, who thankfully did to his own head what others should have done long ago, finally ushered his sad ass off this planet. Crohn's disease? I don't buy it. He was a self-pitying person who hated the world, and we're all better off that he blew his own jug.

three comments

moderate hipster/reagan hater
"They had after all just lived through the 1980s."

Yeah, Reagan really fucked up the 80's.

Metal is about victimhood and self-pity too. Look at Cathedral, Saint Vitus, Desultory, Napalm Death, Black Sabbath, Ceremonium, My Dying Bride, Sacramentum (Far Away from the Sun), Paramecium, etc.... All great bands by the way.

I think what you mean to say is thrash/speed metal, death and black metal are about charging "out to battle". Heavy metal like Manowar and hair "metal" is about "getting laid all night".

There's nothing conservative about metal. Kurt Cobain was a great songwriter and wrote great pop/rock/grunge songs that woke up a generation of degenerate fuckheads but at least Nirvana albums will be remembered and Blood and Acerbus albums will be found in the collection of some old smelly fat 40 year old metalhead.

verpissen! moderate hipster/reagan hater - 23-09-’11 18:18
Fuck Cobain. I'm glad he's dead. Hessian - 23-09-’11 19:56
El oh El
Unfortunately it seems mainstream became obsessed with Cobain instead of his Music. His music was sarcastic/mocking the lazy self-centered pathetic attitude of his generation. Everyone saw Cobain and wanted to emulate him. Cobain destroyed himself, but now everyone will forever only have "that image" of him they think they remember and assume that's what his music really meant. El oh El - 25-09-’11 07:12

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