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U.S. Government crusading against nationalists

23 09 11 - 13:12

The salient point of Bad Eagle's article:

The Negroes had been denied their citizenship for obvious reasons, like, not being Indian; but, the Obama Administration, i.e., the Housing and Urban Development (HUD), threatened to withhold $33 million dollars of federal money from the Cherokee Nation.

Thus, the United States government determines who is Indian and who is not. It is no longer the American Indian nation. Indians no longer determine who is Indian. - Bad Eagle

Don't miss the subtext -- this isn't a culture war, it's a war against culture.

It's not black versus white, or anything else. It's the mixed and cultureless, the rabble who man the guillotine, against anyone who has anything they do not.

Culture builds a strong civilization and keeps people honest. The crowd doesn't want honest. They want selfish.

And so they band together, slop some crap on the page to be an "ideology," and jihad against anyone with culture.

No wonder people want to destroy them. Dear Americans: al-Qaeda, Anders Breivik, Ted Kaczynski et al. don't want America dead, they want Crowdism dead.

Maybe we can all work something out in that regard. We send our Crowdists to Afghanistan, where they are used in ritual games of disembowelment soccer, and we stop drawing pictures of the prophet Muhammad?

two comments

josef H
umm...breivik and kaczinski maybe. but not al qaeda. al qaeda wants america dead. crowdism or not.al mawt li amrika! josef H (URL) - 24-09-’11 21:12
Al Qaeda=CIA duh - 25-09-’11 13:57

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