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Chattering useful idiots

23 09 11 - 12:38

This world is never short of people who want to make a big deal of something. They seem to prefer events that have nothing to do with them, of which they know nothing about, but which have emotional appeal.

Here's CNN with a witless article entitled, World shocked by U.S. execution of Troy Davis:

The execution sparked angry reactions and protests in European capitals -- as well as outrage on social media. "We strongly deplore that the numerous appeals for clemency were not heeded," the French foreign ministry said.

"There are still serious doubts about his guilt," said Germany's junior minister for human rights Markus Loening. "An execution is irreversible -- a judicial error can never be repaired."

The European Union expressed "deep regret" over the execution and repeated its call for a universal moratorium on capital punishment.

EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said the bloc had learnt "with deep regret that Mr Troy Davis was executed," her spokeswoman Maja Kocijancic told Agence-France Presse.

Three appeals courts, including the U.S. Supreme court, reviewed the dubious evidence against Davis. But no one seems to be analyzing this evidence. In fact, they're doing the exact opposite. They're using the ambiguity of that evidence as a weapon. Saying that doubts remain is probably more effective than finding a clear deal-killer, if you want to inflame the rabble.

What you don't want to do is let the argument stray to the facts. Ideally, you could keep talking about emotions. This is what the rabble feed on, emotions and feelings. In the court of public opinion, what matters is that people become psychic vampires who feed on the emotions brought up by an event. They don't care what the facts are.

About that Officer McPhail guy. Yeah, he's a cop, and cops bust you for drugs, and that sucks. And he has a funny name. Probably a fag who got beat up on the schoolyard. Who cares?

CNN again, with another senseless article entitled America divided on death penalty, Troy Davis:

"Casey Anthony is offered a book deal, Troy Davis is only offered his last meal. Wake up America, our justice system is screwed," came a tweet from the handle JamesKlynn.

Another, from TRizzleComedy, read, "If the Troy Davis situation has taught us anything today, its that Casey Anthony should've been black."

A jury found Anthony not guilty of murder in July, whereas a jury and several judges on appeal have determined that Davis killed Savannah, Georgia, police officer Mark MacPhail in 1989.

As usual, our media oversteps any bounds of taste or fact-based reasoning to whip up some controversy. America isn't "divided." Most people don't know or care about Troy Davis. But the neurotic useful idiots who really seize on the news, and try to give their empty lives meaning through it, may indeed be divided. The rest of us want cop killers dead.

Also as usual, the left-leaning press is trying to spin this into a racial issue, but they're not mentioning some key facts.

But some death penalty supporters, like commenter marciavolk, said there was too much doubt to administer the ultimate punishment. The commenter further said that the death penalty is "administered arbitrarily" and that the "long-standing discrimination against minorities in the south (yeah it's still there)" played a role in the decision to execute Davis.

{snip snip}

Matt Tapie, 32, a CNN iReporter from Alexandria, Virginia, and doctorate candidate at Catholic University, said he joined the demonstrators there. He was busy writing his dissertation Wednesday but said he knew he had to participate.

He said he was appalled by the final outcome.

"We can see how much further we have to go in a country where we have an African-American president ... but an African-American in Georgia can be executed," he said.

They're going to talk a lot about how unfair it is that so many African-Americans are in jail or on death row. But we don't know if there aren't just more African-Americans committing crimes. Since most African-Americans seem to live in poverty, it would make sense that more are committing crimes. No one stops to think that maybe this whole multiculturalism thing just isn't working out, and that it's not the fault of white people.

The court of public opinion speaks again, from the first article:

In the right-of-center Daily Telegraph, Tom Chivers said the death penalty was "barbaric" and far more likely to be used against black people than white.

But is it, really?

Even CNN gets in a clear-sighted final word:

The latter is a reference to a jury also finding Davis guilty of two aggravated assault charges: that he shot a man outside a pool party in Savannah before striking a homeless man with his pistol. It was the pistol-whipping that prompted MacPhail to respond to the Burger King parking lot where he was killed.

Some CNN commenters defended the police work and prosecution that led to Davis' conviction and execution. One, fitat50, even said, "The reason some people care about him is because they are sheep."

The sheep are running the henhouse. Did I mix a metaphor? So sorry.

Back to the topic. Out there, in the herd, there is a huge group of people who have direction in life. They like to get worked up about things. We listen to them at our peril.

three comments

He's dead, time to forget he ever existed
"No one stops to think that maybe this whole multiculturalism thing just isn't working out,"

For the most part, true.

"and that it's not the fault of white people."

Ehhhhhhh... He's dead, time to forget he ever existed - 23-09-’11 17:05
<span class='registered'>Druid</span>
who the fuck is troy davis? who gives a fuck? anus talks about alot of petty things sometimes. Druid - 23-09-’11 19:42
surface tension
yeah, they reference popular topics which are indicative of the underlying problems with modern society. pretty gay. surface tension - 24-09-’11 04:33

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