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The boondoggle continues

21 09 11 - 15:42


More than a half-century after federal troops escorted nine black students into an all-white school, efforts to desegregate Little Rock's classrooms are at another turning point. - AP

The nightmare continues.

The expense continues.

The problem remains unsolved, as it has for centuries. We repeat the same methods.

Why would anyone do this?

  1. Socially, it's a good talking point. Make yourself look better than others. Talk about injustice and offer solutions that you know won't work, but make you look good.

  2. Bureaucrats are all over this. Billions of dollars are spent. Many do-nothing jobs are created for people with zero direction. All the lawyers, clerks, TV crews, celebrities, etc. get paid.

We live in the age of the parasite -- and it's not black people.

It's the nagging liberal nanny state whiners who talk a good game, but secretly, enrich themselves.

eight comments

Sick of white people
White people are the cause of everything bad in the world. Sick of white people - 21-09-’11 17:08
Fucking Slave
I'm glad I work so fucking hard to support my family so we can support lots of fucking parasites. I'd rather be a god damn Medieval Surf, I'd keep a lot more of my labor. At least I have 500 channels full of propaganda, those poor medieval surfs only had one channel to get their propaganda from. Fucking Slave - 21-09-’11 17:08
metrosexual nobility
@Fucking Slave Serfs of the Middle Ages were oppressed considerably less than moderns. After all, they didn't have to deal with imperialist law, but laws of individual dukes who were familiar with and their customs and culture, thus granting the autonomy many of us wish for. Serfs could also own land, a fact contrary to the modern myth.

Blacks are parasites because they have the power to give the bird to the government, and demand their own schools and financial dependence without following whitey like dogs. metrosexual nobility - 21-09-’11 17:50
brunHILDE FAN #1!!!
LOL YAY GO BRUNHILDE!!!! brunHILDE FAN #1!!! - 21-09-’11 18:26
gavin senrekiv
Also, for the serfs the prospect of the King coming off his remote jewel throne and beheading them for breaking some law they probably weren't even aware of was a shadowy one. Without the forensic technology, mainstream media networks, and human oversaturation of today, serfs probably acted out their crude toothless fantasies without the threat of political repercussions. gavin senrekiv - 21-09-’11 19:17
Evil Rebel
Finally, if we go back to serfdom I can't live out my sick-twisted fantasies of drinking unpasteurized milk and smoking pot! Evil Rebel - 22-09-’11 06:56
Anus reader
Serfdom sounds pretty cool, but there was no Armani Exchange back then. I think I'll stay in postmodern urban Toronto. Anus reader - 22-09-’11 15:17
Kings had more important things to do than suppress random peasants. Hedonism and living out twisted fantasies is ongoing today, more so even. Their inferior technology relative to ours is telling of Europe's technological progress over time, not the social system; enough of your fallacies. Capitalism even with restricted liberty can work in a feudal system. Don't try to defend liberal democracy because as of now it's anything but capitalist. Government protection of corporations and banks through subsidies and tariffs, not to mention the unions and special interest groups, smells like one big oligarchy to me. der - 23-09-’11 18:35

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