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Inverted blame

21 09 11 - 15:36

The rabble gathered near the guillotine.

The fiction they held as truth: that all people are equal, and thus "misfortunes" occur by evil, not by incompetence.

The ugly reality: people have different abilities, and most misfortunes are the result of either (a) bad policy or (b) incompetence.

But anyone with common sense knows that someone doesn't just fall into poverty overnight. The deplorable economic conditions that led to today's poverty numbers began in 2007. Republicans often ignore such facts.

Yet when you start digging deeper into the Census Bureau report, what stands out is that of the 10 poorest states in the country, most are the reddest in the nation -- solidly GOP states.

The most impoverished state is Mississippi, and it's followed by Arkansas, Tennessee, West Virginia, Louisiana, Montana, South Carolina, Kentucky, Alabama and North Carolina. - CNN

He's implying that GOP states are poor because they're GOP states.

More likely, the situation is more complex... GOP states are not rolling in money like the coasts.

And who are these poor? Most likely victims of diversity -- these states are some of the most diverse in the nation.

Further, these people are stranded from the city jobs on the east and west coasts. An instant solution would be move them there.

We don't hear any voices asking for that, however. Wonder why?

For the Georgia prosecutor who put Troy Davis on trial in 1991 for killing a cop and won a conviction, there were two cases being fought.

"There is the legal case, the case in court, and the public relations case," Spencer Lawton, the former Chatham County prosecutor, said. "We have consistently won the case as it has been presented in court. We have consistently lost the case as it has been presented in the public realm, on TV and elsewhere."


Lawton says he believes the outrage over the sentence resulted from a public relations campaign by Davis' supporters, while prosecutors remained silent outside the courtroom.

"It's just been my policy, that I not comment on a pending case - and this case has been pending for two decades," he said. "For two decades, I've maintained my silence. That meant I could never respond.


Davis was convicted of the first, non-fatal, shooting in Savannah's Cloverdale neighborhood that night. Lawton said there was confusion over evidence in the murder case because the shell casings from both shootings wound up in the same evidence bag.


But Lawton said recanted statements don't deserve the validity they have been given in media accounts. He said a judge ruled they were at the very least "suspect" because they were not given under oath and prosecutors never got the opportunity to cross-examine the recanting witnesses in court.


And Lawton question why it took Davis' lawyers 15 or 20 years to get these witnesses to recant and why they then waited until eight days before Davis' first scheduled execution to make these explosive statements public.


"This is fuzzy thinking. This is what happens when you try a criminal case in the streets, when it becomes a public relations campaign," the former D.A. said. "When it's in a court, you get disciplined thinking. We've won every time the thinking has been disciplined." - CNN

The fiction: our justice system executes many innocent people.

The reality: we have yet to see convincing evidence that it has done so, and yet, we have plenty of cases where it's clear justice is served, and yet there are millions of protesters in the streets.

What does it mean to try a case by public opinion? Mob rule.

What does the mob want to believe? Everyone is innocent, it's the system that's bad, we must crush it, etc.

The fact is that you fix a broken system by modifying it, not by destroying it and hoping anarchy works out better.

That won't be popular with the angry people out there.

But the victim's mother, Anne MacPhail, said she's satisfied that Davis will be executed.

"Well, justice is done, that's the way we look at it. That's what we wanted," the mother told CNN. "I am very convinced that he is guilty."

She said she would not attend Davis' execution but family members would be there.

Anne MacPhail said she has not forgiven the convicted of killing her son.

"Not yet, maybe sometime," she said. - CNN

It's hip to hate cops. They stop you from doing all the fun stuff, like meth and rape.

But what about the victim? He was human, too. And equal.

But he believed in law and order, and that oppresses the anarchistic individual! Therefore he's bad, and his death doesn't count, amirite?

Across the globe, humanity is damaged daily by the selfishness of individuals.

People don't come together because they're too busy being selfish.

Part of that includes appearing to be un-selfish by agitating for the freedom of fellow anarchistic behavior cases, like Troy Davis.

He shot a cop, after he committed a string of other crimes. He is by no reasonable standard "innocent."

On top of that, he shot a cop -- the people you'll be running to in fear if social order collapses.

It's not hip to say any of this, but it's more truthful than what you hear from the crowd and their media lackeys.

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georgia peach
went to chatham to gat 'em, jail without bail, and....somethin to somethin georgia peach - 22-09-’11 18:25

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