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Exceeding carrying capacity

21 09 11 - 14:26

With drama removed (e.g. edited for content, not entertainment):

Humankind will slip next week into ecological debt, having gobbled up in less then nine months more natural resources than the planet can replenish in a year, researchers said Tuesday.

At its current pace of consumption humankind will need, by 2030, a second globe to satisfy its voracious appetites and absorb all its waste, the report calculated.

Earth's seven billion denizens -- nine billion by mid-century -- are using more water, cutting down more forests and eating more fish than Nature can replace, it said.

At the same time, we are disgorging more CO2, pollutants and chemical fertilizers than the atmosphere, soil and oceans can soak up without severely disrupting the ecosystems that have made our planet such a comfortable place for homo sapiens to live. - PhysOrg

Who is surprised?

Not I. We don't have any brakes.

Freedom for individuals means each will choose to take as much as he can, with a few statistically insignificant dropouts.

That means a vast horde of humans swarming the globe like yeast, eating up all the nutrition and then dying on a sunless ruin.

Good thinking, humanity.

One comment

Angry Nerd
Does this mean we finally get to drive around blasting Slayer and running over the cannibalistic Zombie hordes? Angry Nerd - 22-09-’11 06:51

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