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Libyan insanity

20 09 11 - 18:40

Let's repeat Viet Nam:

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said the Pentagon has sent another dozen troops to Tripoli to help the State Department lay plans for reopening the U.S. Embassy.

Panetta told a news conference that it remains U.S. policy not to send combat troops to Libya. But he disclosed that after having sent four military personnel recently to assist the State Department in Tripoli, another 12 were deployed for the same purpose. He said no others would be sent. - UT

Dudes, when you start underhanding like this, it makes it clear to the rebels that:

  1. Their cause has legitimacy. It's them versus the big bad superpower.

  2. The superpower is hesitant, even weak, because it depends on voters and voters hate wars that aren't conveniently easily won.

  3. They can trap you by fighting back, and forcing you to trickle more guys in.

  4. Eventually you will lose. They are starving and bored. You have better things to do.

It's healthier to just send the troops in as G.W. Bush did, and then withdraw them quickly as his father did. Don't moralize: destroy, then leave a smoldering ruin echoing with the sound of your victory speeches.

In the meantime, the European-US axis is continuing its underhanded policy of eliminating strong leaders in the middle east, in preparation for democratizing the whole place and thus turning it as neurotic, unstable, degenerate and pointless as the lives we lead in the west.

This will backfire, however. The more you obliterate, the stronger religion becomes... and the backlash probably involves US troops in over their heads and Scuds over Israel. Fail.

three comments

We'll see.
Perhaps the lives we lead in the west are pointless. But apparently the main point to the lives of many in the east is to eliminate their strong leaders, democratize the whole place, and become more like the west. We'll see. (Email ) - 20-09-’11 20:14
"We'll see" is the most honest and humble argument. It's nice to see that phrase every now and then. futurist - 21-09-’11 14:03
<span class='registered'>Druid</span>
i remember reading on wikipedia(not the best rescource, i know)that the number of Qaddafi's troops were about equal in number with the rebels. this tells me that at least forty-fifty percent or so of the country does not want the rebelion. whos side do we pick. pro democracy. we disabled lybias military and gave the rebels a huge advantage. its obvious why we're there. dumb libs thought we are different now that obamas in. HAHAHA Druid - 21-09-’11 14:35

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