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Fallout from political correctness

20 09 11 - 14:25

From the geez-whouda-thunk-it department:

Fifty-seven percent say "trying to be funny" is a big reason people use discriminatory language online. About half that many say a big reason is that people "really hold hateful feelings about the group."

That may be why even the most inflammatory racist slur in the AP-MTV poll — the "N-word" — didn't rouse a majority of young people. Only 44 percent said they'd be very or extremely offended if they saw someone using it online or in a text message. Thirty-five percent said it wouldn't bother them much, including fully 26 percent who wouldn't be offended at all.

Among African-American youth, however, 60 percent said they would be offended by seeing the N-word used against other people. - MSNBC

Surprise: slurs hurt people because the intent behind their use is mean. Only if you're the target group, by the way.

Another surprise: 40 years of political indoctrination have shown liberals to be who they really are -- the nagging nannies and uptight moralists of the world -- while the rest of us have moved on, and are concerned with more practical things.

Like how to survive the social disaster liberalism has brought us.

And a Harvard law student's email to friends, suggesting that blacks might be intellectually inferior, was forwarded across the Internet, prompting the law school dean to publicly denounce it.

That's the disaster: liberalism is an extended form of deferential politeness, and it encourages us to lump legitimate questions in with social reactions. Specifically, the kind of nose-holding whining that makes us want to run away from civilization as a whole.

seven comments

Everyone knows blacks are intellectually inferior. It's because the white man is keeping them down. NIGGERNIGGERNIGGER - 20-09-’11 15:06
Big Fat Jew
Uggh did you notice how everyone and their Grandma is dying of cancer these days? I work with older people and it's like HOLY SHIT.

P.S. Modenr society is a cancer. Big Fat Jew - 20-09-’11 15:31
Duh! Everyone knows blacks are killing and terrorizing whites and fucking their women. We all know the black man is tearing them down, literally. :) HONKEYHONKEYHONKEY - 20-09-’11 16:10
Another neocon prole blames the left for all his problems? When will it end? JooPe (URL) - 21-09-’11 03:27
When the left is forced to stop shitting all over reality, most likely. Either by leaders who don't tolerate neurotic egalitarian nonsense or a nuclear apocalypse. PooP - 21-09-’11 03:38
Cock pussy cunt cunt. Adrian - 21-09-’11 06:47
gw2 gold
Hello.This post was extremely motivating, especially since I was browsing for thoughts on this subject last Monday. gw2 gold (URL) - 25-01-’13 20:01

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