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The inverted world

19 09 11 - 20:39

Equality means: assume I'm OK, and you're OK, and we don't rock that boat.

That in itself would be fine, but it causes all of our logic to go backward.

We got the effect confused with the cause. Equality would be an effect; we've made it a religious cause.

Your average atheist liberal is in fact more superstitious than the voodoo priest.

Now, an example --

It's a mystery that begs for a solution: Unemployment is the No. 1 issue in America -- yet virtually all business people I talk to complain that they can't find the workers they want.

The mystery begins to clear up after taking a close look at the state of U.S. workers, especially young workers, who have the highest unemployment rate of all; among those aged 16 to 19, it's 25%. The harsh reality is that even when jobs are available, many of these job applicants aren't ready for them. They aren't getting hired because they often aren't worth hiring.

Nobody wants to talk about this now because it sounds like blaming the victim. - Fortune

The proles want us to believe that Gen Y is a victim of the recession. The banksters did it! -- and other pithy slogans of the delusional -- ring through our streets.

In reality, Gen Y is a victim of its own inability to do much of anything correctly. They can tweet about it though.

The real culprit lags in the wings. The Baby Boomers very carefully liberalized our school system.

Now, everyone is taught the religious dogma that they are all equal. As a result, they avoid any activities that might show too much of a curve.

And now, the kids know nothing and their degrees -- bloated by equality programs like affirmative action, politically correct subsidies, and political education -- are worthless.

Who's to blame?

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well said baron (Email ) - 20-09-’11 07:28
I smoke crack LOOKIE HERE - 20-09-’11 13:57
To blame
JEWS To blame - 20-09-’11 18:30

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