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Europe and USA struggle with the same problem

01 08 10 - 07:59

We think of some issues as "American problems" or "European problems" but usually, we're just seeing different methods being tried to address universal problems:

French opposition lawmakers and media attacked a host of new government proposals targeting Gypsies and immigrants suspected of crimes, charging Sunday that President Nicolas Sarkozy was pandering to the far-right in a bid to boost his popularity.

Sarkozy said Friday that he wants to revoke the French citizenship of immigrants who endanger the life of police officers. The speech Friday in the southeastern city of Grenoble -- the site of recent clashes between youth and police -- was a dramatic move to the right even for the conservative leader, who has put forward a law-and-order image.

Earlier in the week, Sarkozy pushed for a change in France's immigration law to make it easier to expel Gypsies, or Roma, in the country illegally and pledged to evacuate their camps, which he called a source of trafficking, prostitution and child exploitation. - AP

Let's dial all the political bullshit back a second, and ask the real question:

What do you want your neighborhood to look like?

Unless you're independently wealthy and have lots of time to be involved with politics, you probably want political stability. Historically speaking, that throws "diversity" out the window, as diversity inevitably leads to clashes between not just ethnic groups but social classes. Who benefits from this chaos? People selling home security products and politicians who stay employed, surely.

Unless you really like fire, you probably don't want youths rioting and burning cars. Even a pyromaniac might find that disruptive and disorderly.

You might also not want a bunch of people camped out in caravans near you. Even if you've been taught otherwise, you know that people with no fixed address are probably living on the margins of society, feeding themselves through odd jobs, and like many odd jobbers, scams and crime.

You also might decide that it's more important to have social order than to look for an angel in every criminal, or to make sure that each criminal was guilty of the crime he was busted for. If you arrest a murderer for the wrong murder, who cares?

Further breaking away from what they teach you in the state-funded mental schools, you might conclude that there's something wrong with the homeless. If they can't take the few steps required to have a basic job and housing, they may have chemical addiction problems. Or be insane (wait, that's not PC -- they just "need therapy," amirite?). Either way, you don't want them in your neighborhood.

And now that you've violated the principles of good citizenship they taught you at school, you may also decide to oppose immigration. A simple point: if people are coming from a ruined nation, they bring ruin with them. And for that nation to get ruined, most of the people there had to be clueless or corrupt. So most of your immigrants are going to have problems, cause problems, and re-make your society in the image of their ruined societies.

It's a modern conceit to think that people who want social order are stodgy and stupid. Instead, they should be more active! The fact is, nitwits, that anyone who has anything going on in this life wants stability -- so society doesn't interrupt them in their pursuit of the important things in life. If you have a career, a passion, or any existence other than the job-television cycle, you don't want chaos. You want sensible order so that you can go about doing what you need to.

Who wants chaos? The people who haven't found a path in life: the losers, the bored, the busybodies, the neurotic. Add to that list the misinformed youth, which at this point includes the age range extending to 30 years, who have come to believe that their society is corrupt -- so let's throw out social order entirely, and replace it with chaos and tolerance and dysfunction! That way, we're all tolerated and none of us are oppressed by the government. But they don't stop to think that "oppression" might be a red herring, and also useful for people in power. If the solution to oppression is more chaos, that's great, because the more chaos we have, the more government we need!

But they love this victim mentality. Their disorganization and lack of direction in life isn't their fault; it's someone else's fault (societal breakdown is actually someone else's fault, but that fact is irrelevant; what matters, nitwits, is who fixes it; societal breakdown is also not what's responsible for these people having nary a clue). Therefore, anytime government does anything to reign in the chaos, someone is a victim and the Crowd sides with the victim. Watch:

Sarkozy's address in Grenoble came after nights of rioting outside the southeastern city that pitted local youth against police and saw dozens of cars torched. That violence was triggered by the police killing of a resident fleeing after an armed robbery at a casino. Officials said some youths fired on police in the ensuing unrest.

People don't flee armed robberies after they happen, unless they're perpetrators. Read between the lines: some migrant youth committed a violent act, and the cops shot him, so the whole community decided they -- not the person robbed -- were the victims and rioted. You shot our robber? It must be racism, racism, racism! Hey, it works every time.

Let's look at an American example.

Fearing that his probation for a robbery offense would be revoked because of the traffic violation, King led the CHP on a high-speed chase, eventually hitting 115 miles per hour, according to the police. By the time he was caught and ordered to exit his vehicle, several L.A.P.D. squad cars had arrived on the scene. A struggle ensued, and some of the officers quickly decided that King was resisting arrest. Sergeant Stacey Koon fired two shots into King with a TASER gun, and after that failed to subdue him, the officers, including Laurence Powell, beat him mercilessly with their batons. Time

What kind of man is Rodney King?

In November 1989, King robbed a store in Monterey Park, California using an iron bar to threaten and hit the store owner. He was convicted and sentenced to 2 years imprisonment

On the night of March 2, 1991, King and two passengers, Bryant Allen and Freddie Helms, were driving west on Foothill Freeway (Interstate 210) in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles. Prior to driving on the Foothill Freeway, the three men had spent the night watching a basketball game and drinking at a friend’s house in Los Angeles.[2] After being tested 5 hours after the incident, King's blood-alcohol level was found to be just under the legal limit. This meant that his blood alcohol level was approximately 0.19—nearly two and a half times the legal limit in California—when he was driving.[3]

King exited the freeway, and the chase continued through residential streets at speeds allegedly ranging from 55 to 80 mph.[6][7]

Koon then ordered the four other LAPD officers at the scene—Briseno, Powell, Solano, and Wind—to subdue and handcuff King in a manner called a "swarm," a technique that involves multiple officers grabbing a suspect with empty hands. As the officers attempted to do so, King physically resisted. King rose up, tossing Officers Powell and Briseno off his back. King then allegedly struck Officer Briseno in the chest.[10] Seeing this, Koon ordered all of the officers to fall back. The officers later testified that they believed King was under the influence of the dissociative drug phencyclidine (PCP),[11] although King's toxicology results tested negative for PCP.[12]

Blood and urine samples taken from King five hours after his arrest showed that he could be presumed intoxicated under California law. - Wikipedia: The Pedophile Group Blog

Although Wikipedia is not a great source, the information above is culled from police reports and news stories at the time. Rodney King was a "victim," really?

  • He was legally drunk driving at speeds up to 115 mph through residential areas. What if he'd hit your kid?

  • He attacked police officers not once but twice, and this is after leading them on a high speed chase. You want cops to protect you, right?

  • He went to prison for armed robbery and when they let him out two years later, immediately led the police on a high speed chase. Do you want this guy moving in next door?

The fact is that a Crowd forms behind an idiot whenever authority tells an idiot to stop being an idiot. The Crowd's message is the same: we don't want anyone who can tell us to stop being idiots.

Race is their latest gambit, over the last fifty years. If you can produce a black person getting beat, that's like showing that authority is sodomizing Baby Jesus in the manger. It's the perfect victim. And then all the victims can rally around, even if the Silent Majority don't trust diversity.

The Crowd takes many forms, but they're most well represented on the left, because they are the party of individualism not social structure (like the right). Everywhere they go, they stop people from doing what's right to stop insane destructive idiots from wrecking things. The Crowd does this because secretly, they are afraid they are also insane destructive idiots.

The solution is as simple as it is difficult: disenfranchise the greatest number of people, and put power in the hands of those who are known to have good judgment and make good life decisions. Stop pointless experiments like "diversity" that are certain to fail. Instead, let's focus on reconstructing a society that has become vapid, crass, consumerist, directionless, ugly, boring and miserable.

And if we need to send a few million people back to Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, and displace the Gypsy caravans that seem to accompany high crime wherever they go, who really cares? Someone's always getting the short end of the stick, but we might as well make sure it's a few people who are out of place, instead of society at large putting up with constant race riots, political drama, and high crime.

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