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More on Holocaustiness in the news

16 09 11 - 11:53

I don't think these Palestinian politicians and their liberal allies worldwide understand what is being called for. Time to go look through the pictures from Auschwitz and Treblinka again. Then remember: it didn't help the Germans win the war, or anyone else win anything else, for that matter. Tragedy + failure = ???

The fact is that even if you believe Jews are the demon incarnate, or just more moderately along the Hitler-Herzl axis that Jews belong in Israel and nowhere else, the problem is not solved by cruelty and genocide of Jews.

The problem is solved by getting your own people to get their shit together.

Additionally, we must consider this: even if we took the worst of the anti-Semites at their literal word, e.g. that something like the Protocols of the Elders of Zion was the goal of some organized world Jewish conspiracy, we have to ask whether these "solutions" would actually solve the problem. My guess is not. You'd murder millions of Jewish civilians and then find out that the real bastards in this world, the real rich bastards, are never so silly as to show their faces.

So enough!

The right wing has wasted its time on anti-Semitism, reporting African crime, and complaining about Muslims. With that wasted time, they should have been working to smash the liberal establishment and its stranglehold on youth, the working classes, and middle class women.

The problem and solution both exist within our own populations.

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Listen, who gives a fuck as long as it makes a buck? stockbroker - 16-09-’11 14:46

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