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Nihilism, Futurist Traditionalism and Conservationism

Jessica Valenti

10 09 11 - 12:43

Insane feminist wants to force men accused of rape to prove they are not rapists, an impossible burden and a reversal of all sanity in justice:

fourteen comments

physically attractive hessian with a sexy 5 inch loverod.
that chick is sexy. physically attractive hessian with a sexy 5 inch loverod. - 10-09-’11 15:18
I'd definitely rape that slut. Hessisexual - 10-09-’11 18:08
Death to feminists
Typical Jewish feminist bitch.

Gloria Steinem, Betty Friedan, Andrea Dworkin, Kay Hymowitz, Naomi Wolf, Hannah Rosin, Jessica Valenti.

They should all hang. Death to feminists (URL) - 11-09-’11 09:24
just the
Did you forget? You don't care about justice. just the "challenge of life" or whatever. (Email ) - 11-09-’11 09:27
Asperger's Activism
YOU ARE ALL VERY WEAK!!! Asperger's Activism (Email ) - 11-09-’11 11:40
Jessica Valenti
We should kill all rapist. Jessica Valenti - 12-09-’11 06:09
Eat my ass, lick my butt. Adrian - 12-09-’11 06:33
nihilistic meditation
Everyone's sense of justice is based on their own fears. We try to destroy what we fear, such as fire scratching away at the darkness. This is no different. It would seem that the best political stance is one that fears devolution. nihilistic meditation - 12-09-’11 09:22
I had saved a newborn lizard, the guy was nearly transparent, today from the bowels of my shower drain. He was the same guy who fell in three days ago as I tried to catch him and release him outside. I hope he is well enough to eat and regain his strength. Levy_Spearmen - 12-09-’11 10:16
Angry Black Citizen
HAIL BLACK RAPISTS!!!! Angry Black Citizen - 12-09-’11 11:27
just the
Did you forget? I don’t care about vagina. just the "challenge of sucking the most men off in a bathhouse" or whatever. (Email ) - 13-09-’11 12:45
You guys do act like a bag of dicks pretty often Dicks (Email ) - 13-09-’11 19:56
Jessica Valenti
oh fuck me please! Jessica Valenti (Email ) - 18-09-’11 18:06
The Situation
I'll do ya jessica, once I get thru wit you youll forget all that hatred of men shit you keep spewing. The Situation (Email ) - 18-09-’11 18:08

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