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No centralization

10 09 11 - 08:45

Centralization is what makes planners happy because it makes things uniform, and thus good interchangeable parts whose function is limited and thus can be predicted.

Sound like anything out of France in 1789?

Equality, not quality:

In the weeks after the 9/11 attacks, Americans were mostly stunned. Up until that moment they were certain that every person in the world understands that they’re right, that their economy is better, that their constitution is fairer, and that their democracy is the only way to bring freedom to human beings. “Freedom itself was attacked,” their inarticulate president said.

They failed to grasp that not all people want freedom, that not all people want democracy, that not all people just want a nice car and a house to live in, and that not all people think that God is someone who invites you to a friendly meeting every Sunday before the barbeque. - YNET

Quality is a hierarchy. In it, there are different rules for every level.

If your country is a disorganized third world kleptocracy, you need a Gaddaffi.

Yes, we might not want him running Little Five Points or Austin, but for Libya...?

Our quest to find one-size-fits-all has made us a horror.

seven comments

ANUS is all over the place on this
Eh? Gaddafi's regime was heavily centralized and his economy was also centrally planned. He overthrew a legitimate King, and ANUS supposedly supports Monarchy. The Libyan revolution could've been a restoration of that Monarchy, all though it looks like now they'll just replace one dictatorship with another. I don't support the whole 'spreading democracy' thing (though we should remember how in '53 the US protected Iran _from_ democracy and supported the Shah) but that doesn't mean Gadaffi is to be admired. ANUS is all over the place on this - 10-09-’11 10:29
Fuck off...
This website blows... Fuck off... - 10-09-’11 11:16
Don't take it so seriously then. Once you understand the main points of this site, it should just become a metal resource(for quality metal of course.) ghost - 10-09-’11 11:25
Decatur is greater
Little Five Points is awesome! Decatur is greater - 10-09-’11 11:26
georgia peach
went to winder to find her, tucker to fuck her, decatur to date her georgia peach - 11-09-’11 20:14
@Fuck off...
hello, Adrian. @Fuck off... - 13-09-’11 11:19
You forgot the part where directly after 9/11, a huge undercurrent of 50's era racism was revealed, almost as if Bin Laden had ripped the facade of equality off the American self-perception and revealed what was lurking in it's subconscious. America is as much a 'kleptocracy' as anywhere else, i suspect the poster is mistaking largely economic factors as cultural differences. JooPe (Email ) (URL) - 16-09-’11 05:29

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