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All rebellion is fake

09 09 11 - 20:53

You don't get it: you can't rebel against the rebellion, which is why it is designed as it is.

Starting in 1789 with the French Revolution, liberalism has sided with permissiveness/narcissism/anarchy over any kind of shared rules or values.

It does this because when you accept everything, you can never be a target... you are the invisible government.

Protesting against it does its dirty work -- increasing the instability and distrust, while strengthening the government that's supposed to (???) apply justice.

When [script kiddie group "Anonymous"] members appear in public to protest censorship and what they view as corruption, they don a plastic mask of Guy Fawkes, the 17th-century Englishman who tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament.

Stark white, with blushed pink cheeks, a wide grin and a thin black mustache and goatee, the mask resonates with the hackers because it was worn by a rogue anarchist challenging an authoritarian government in “V for Vendetta,” the movie produced in 2006 by Warner Brothers.

What few people seem to know, though, is that Time Warner, one of the largest media companies in the world and parent of Warner Brothers, owns the rights to the image and is paid a licensing fee with the sale of each mask. - NYT

Bought and sold, my little rebels. Bought and sold.

The correct way to rebel against this system is simple:

Insist on functionality according to (a) shared reality, "objectivity" and (b) shared values/standards/beliefs, "subjective"/culture/a preference (as Nietzsche noted).

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Look man I'm a simple man and a reader of this site, I can't compete with the message board and I'm no fucking troll. You feed my mind, I spread it verbally, I get it. Unashamed, I love this site, keep it up, and fuck the weak. Charles (Email ) - 09-09-’11 22:28
Look man I'm a homosexual and I came to this blog because I thought it was a site for homosexual ass play. I'm no fucking troll. You (Brett) help me masturbate. I spread my seed to other gay men as they lick it up unashamed. I love this site, keep it up and helping me beat my meat. Charles - 10-09-’11 11:31
Well this is ridiculous. Due to mergers and globalisation now it is almost impossible to do anything against the 'system' without supporting a corrupt corporation monetarily in the process. The only question is whether you think the change in consciousness/attitudes that will (hopefully) occur outweighs the amount of money you will be giving them, obviously they thought it did. Anonymous however lost all credibility when they took to raiding celeb phones for nudie pics. JooPe (Email ) (URL) - 16-09-’11 05:26
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