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How convenient for those in power

26 07 10 - 09:03

It's impossible for us to know what's going on behind the scenes, but this is mighty mighty convenient:

Three news organisations had advance access to the records, which also show Nato concerns that Pakistan and Iran are helping the Taliban in Afghanistan. - BBC

For a whole huge news article, it boils down to one simple fact that people are going to remember:

Pakistan and Iran are helping the Taliban

They're not going to remember the dead civilians or the corruption or the foul-ups over the ammo. Nope, they're going to remember that simple phrase: Pakistan and Iran are helping the Taliban. It worked for the last war, and several before it. Identify the bad guy, claim we're a victim, and then attack because we're innocent and they're not, so we should win.

It helps to justify sending in the resources of the world's biggest military power to crush some third world country whose real problem is that most of its citizens are idiots. Look at the average IQ differential between the US and Iran:

Should be another slaughterhouse like in Iraq. Vietnam was an exception to this rule, in part because the Vietnamese were (a) already geared up for war (b) had good leadership and training, including Chinese and Russian instructors and (c) had access to an unending supply of weapons from Russia, China and the Eastern Bloc. Vietnam may have been all told an American win because it helped bankrupt the Russians, and forced them to reconsider indirect action in favor of direct action, with disastrous results in Afghanistan. Soviet armies only work when the machine guns are at the rear and the objective is Berlin, apparently.

In the meantime, the smoking gun is now here, and it wasn't trotted out by the government deliberately to manipulate us. Nope, it slipped out through the mysterious Wikileaks, which is fortunate for all of us. I won't go so far as to say Wikileaks is a CIA project -- who knows? -- but a smart intelligence service would make use of it, and I suspect more will in the future. The dead civilians will be forgotten. What we're going to remember is:

If I were the CIA, tasked with finding a reasonable justification for dominating the Middle East, I'd be patting myself on the back. Mission accomplishment. It's not our fault the proof slipped out, but now that it's here... watch for B-52s. - TUT

I won't go that far, because this could just be the proverbial slap on the wrist for those other nations. But there does seem to be a buildup to kick someone's ass lately, mainly because if you're a superpower, the best way to prime your economy is a good, hard war -- not a pansy police action like Vietnam or Iraq, but some kind of massive fight like against China or a unified Middle East. It could be an entertaining shift in world hegemony.

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