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How white people destroy themselves

04 09 11 - 08:28

From a more extreme example, but this is the interesting part:

Along with the physical abuse, according to his children, Dr. Shorter also practiced a form of psychological cruelty. "He was a master at singling out each kid's insecurity or flaw and probing them to the point where you lost all feelings of confidence or self-worth," says duPlessis. "I was slightly cross-eyed as a kid, and he'd ridicule me for that without mercy. He took huge chunks out of my life that I'll never get back."

Frank agrees that the deepest cuts may have been emotional. "We could never relax in his presence. The only attention he ever gave me was when 'disciplining' me. During my career, he only saw two of my races." But then there were times when the father's rage and cruelty escalated to a level unconscionably beyond the belt-whippings and mind games. According to two of the Shorter sisters, their father raped them. - Runner's World

Even a turnip-picking prole (TPP) can figure out that child abuse is bad, mmkay.

But few notice that psychological abuse is how white people destroy themselves.

They torment their children -- especially Baby Boomers; death to all boomers; kill a hippie for great justice -- with psychological games, by convincing them they're worthless, by cutting them down and insisting on dominating them much like they try to dominate their friends and coworkers. They run their kids down in order to manipulate, and to force them to do what their manic egos want, which is little clones.

In fact, this is standard Baby Boomer behavior: use social pressure to force your kids to do what YOU want them to do. It's worse than the sheer disciplinarianism of turn of the century parents. This is creepy, invasive, psychological manipulation.

White people also manipulate each other with altruism, and holier-than-thou moral posturing:

Ten years ago, Winn cofounded CARW (you say "Car W"), or the Coalition of Anti-Racist Whites. For him, getting involved in antiracism "ultimately was not a moral shift but a strategic one." He already knew the world was racially fucked. He just had to figure out what to do next, and he began by examining whiteness as the invisible structure that defines everything—that needs to be explored and then exploded.

"Whiteness is the center that goes unnamed and unstudied, which is one way that keeps us as white folks centered, normal, that which everything else is compared to—like the way we name race only when we're talking about a person of color," Winn says. "We can name how some acts hurt people of color, but it's harder to talk about how they privilege white folks."

The radical thing about CARW is that its purpose is to force awkwardness into the open. It could just as well be called Deeply Embarrassed White People Talk Awkwardly About Privilege. The first half of every meeting is devoted to group discussion of a theme. The second half is spent in committees, each attached to a separate racial-justice organization run by people of color. CARW is fueled by the philosophy that white people need to follow the lead of people of color on matters of race. - The Stranger

We're in the midst of the final stages of class war, where the unstable destroy the stable to make the world safe for instability:

Likewise, people who have been prudent with their savings and mortgages often find themselves ineligible for financial aid for the education of their children. Meanwhile, those irresponsible enough to have more children than they can support or have them out of wedlock are eligible for plenty of free goodies. At a time of ever-worsening unemployment, not a soul on the national stage (that I've seen) will so much as mention mass immigration, which undercuts the ability of people to get employment and make a living. Diversity must not be questioned.

None of this is entirely new, but the government has now taken it to the next level. There's a war against responsibility. It isn't too hard to figure out why: responsibility makes for fewer government clients. - Mangan's

If you think about it, all white behavior fits this pattern: the masses of unstable are afraid of those who actually enjoy life.

Your standard pick up artist/men's right activist likes to fuck lots of sluts -- women he wouldn't give the time of day to if they were men -- because it makes him feel superior to you.

Why does he need to feel superior to you? Because he's fucked up inside, or perhaps just a turnip picking prole who resents the fact that the gods gave him no discernment, and they gave a lot to someone else...

His cognitive dissonance compensation: "But I'm getting laid more than you!"

From the far reaches of eternity comes a man with a sword. This man is inexorable; nothing can stop him. He dismounts his horse named Time. He says:

And that is important, how?

The sword makes no sound as it passes through air or flesh, only a brief nip of shudder against bone. And then it is over.

And that is important, how?

White people wage war against themselves with the trivial, because only some can accomplish the non-trivial.

When white people were healthy, there was an agreed-upon goal and we all cooperated toward reaching it. That way, even the stupidest turnip-picker (and they're all stupid) could say he participated in something generally agreed as important.

Now, we are all about ourselves, and each of us is against all the others, so we're competing with these trivial, manipulative, psychologically abusive ways of living.

ten comments

sick of white people
True brother, true. I love how black people don't shame each other for being true, to enjoying flash mobs, to supporting each other against the man. Stupid self-hating white liberal bitches make easy prey. Its their own parents fault, they trick out their own daughters. sick of white people - 04-09-’11 17:49
Why do you fuckers try to think so hard? Why not just do some things that MAKE SOME FUCKING MONEY. Fancy-schmancy Nietzsche died lonely, broke, crazy. I plan to die completely sane at 90 with a hear attack, blonde twins, and a mountain of coke. stockbroker - 04-09-’11 18:16
Fuck white people nigga - 05-09-’11 06:31
Alpha Demon
One Ring to rule them all
One Ring to find them
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them!

We as a white race need to cull the weak of are own brethren and force them to do something usefull. Human sewage!--Hurt them first--Shoot the wounded. Impacter (Email ) - 05-09-’11 09:05
lol, when the fuck was white culture/society EVER healthy? Children were always created to contain the suffering of their parents, and so that they could reenact the abuses of their own parents upon them, that is true in every race/dominant culture i have seen. JooPe (URL) - 06-09-’11 11:45
I hate white people, I hope they will be extinct soon. anti-white - 07-09-’11 00:35
I want the truth
Aren't you a turnip-picker Brett? I want the truth - 07-09-’11 06:13
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