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Globalism: also bad for minorities

03 09 11 - 08:41

They'll endorse you, embrace you, champion you, talk about how you're our future presidents, and then, if you're not providing competitive cheap labor, they'll just replace you:

Ruiz is part of a recent increase in the number of Hispanics attending college in the United States -- a figure that spiked last year and even surpassed that of young blacks, according to a study released last week by the Pew Hispanic Center, part of the Pew Research Center.

In 2010, approximately 1.8 million Hispanic students aged 18 to 24 were enrolled in college, the study showed. In the same age group, there were 1.7 million African-American students enrolled, although when students of all ages were counted, blacks outnumbered Hispanics.

Analyzing U.S. Census Bureau data, the researchers found that in 2010, Hispanic enrollment surged by 24% over the previous year. For that same time period, college enrollment for blacks and Asians also increased, but not as dramatically as that of Hispanics. - CNN

The talking heads want you to think this is about diversity as truth, justice, fraternity, peace, jesus, kumbaya, etc.

It's not. It's business. Where do we find a horde of (a) useful semi-literate slave labor and (b) future consumers for crap entertainment, cheap electronics, cheesy porn and bathtub drugs?

Watch, Hispanics. They're going to replace you Vietnamese and Thai next.

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