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Texas secessionists hold elections

02 09 11 - 23:34

From the mailbag:

for the Texian peoples' republic of Texas

Elections will be held on Monday, the 5 th day of September in the year of our Lord two thousand eleven for offices in all of the republic of Texas districts and counties.

Elections will be for electing and/or re-electing all candidates for elected offices that are up for election in the Districts and Counties of the republic of Texas, including congressional officers as representatives and senators for the sixteenth Congress of the Texas republic and in the county elected offices.

To learn how you can qualify to vote as a Texian Citizen and determine how and when to cast your ballot please visit our website at www.texasrepublic.info and click onto the Elections tab for further detailed information.

This election is open to all Texians who have declared domicile on the lands of Texas according to Article 1 of the 1836 Constitution for the republic of Texas as amended in 2007.

Posted by the Secretary of State of the republic of Texas
in accordance with the 1836 Constitution
and the Laws of the republic of Texas
Billy D. Ford, Secretary of State

Help the Republic of Texas in its quest to be free.

three comments

Abe Lincoln
Texas should go back to Mexico. Abe Lincoln - 02-09-’11 23:46
Davy Crockett
Texas should declare war on Mexico. Davy Crockett - 03-09-’11 01:44
Isidro Barradas
Mexico should go back to Spain. Isidro Barradas - 04-09-’11 06:58

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