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ANUS world tagging team

25 07 10 - 13:04

ANUSians worldwide celebrate our presence as not a trendy rising meme, but an enduring symbol of resistance to the condition of modernity:

Modernity is a condition that occurs when the death-stages of a civilization coincide with technological prowess. Having dispensed with the healthier times when benevolent genius aristocrats ruled, the society is now commanded by a lynch mob that has demanded all aspects of society become personally convenient, at the expense of having a civilization which is disorganized, ugly and crass.

You can recognize modernity by its tripartite attributes:

  • Equality. There is no hierarchy except money and power within the bureaucracy, because the holy myth of modernity is that we're all equal -- not just in political representation, but in ability and social role. A beggar is equal to a genius, since they're both human. Naturally, this leads us away from finding smart people to rule over us, and leads us toward rewarding those who flatter the crowd, which means rule by entertainers, charlatans and hidden oligarchs.

  • Consumerism. Because people have an ethic of personal convenience, they demand products to make them feel good about themselves. They demand these be ultimately convenient, which means cheap and adapted to the lowest common denominator, no matter what the consequences. As a result, piles of toxic junk, sweatshops and gigantic profits pile up. Modern people like to think of corporations as the victimizer, but really, they are just serving a need.

  • Disorganization. We have no beliefs in common, no cultural consensus, because that would interfere with the absolute autonomy and convenience of the individual. As a result, society becomes disorganized because there are never clear answers to the question of what our goals are. We can only reject actions that violate our dogma after they've happened. But when it comes to picking a direction forward? Each to his own, and we'll blame someone later for being out of line.

Modernity has caused the expansion of humanity at a record pace, aided by our technology, and in the process, we have begun in earnest to trash planet earth. We have cut up natural ecosystems and choked off species, polluted our oceans and airs, and polluted ourselves with an endless series of feelgood emotions and happy images while we consume junk food, buy disposable products, and think a personal ethic of convenience is "liberation" although people seem lonely, isolated, narcissistic and yet without a sense of personal gratification.

Modernity is a dead-end path to doom, but it comes disguised as liberty, fraternity and equality. 1789, 1917 and 1968 were its victories but they have brought us in exchange for convenience a long term prospect of deep spiritual misery, ecocide and utilitarian existence in ugly cities made of advertising and disposable, generic ideas. Fight back against modernity and tag the world with ANUS wherever you find it.

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