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End public schooling

30 08 11 - 04:08

This article is heavy on the drama, but makes a good point:

If our schools are still failing, why bother?

You already pay a private-school cost through your property taxes. Just cut out the middleman.

I detest public education because the schools are jail-like, because they dumb down interesting subjects into memorization, and because they're more concerned with the dumb and failing pupils than in trying to help anyone with a brain stay interested.

Further, they're little propaganda factories, because there's nothing a moron in charge likes more than a teachable moment. "See, the blackbird is just like the white bird, but black. Wasn't the white bird wrong to exclude the black bird from his seed pile?" etc.

Faced with widespread whimpering from administrators of the fraudulent, coercion-based job factories known as the government schools, who claim the No Child Left Behind Act just made it too hard for them to look good because it actually required testing the academic achievement of their charges and then making the abysmal results public, Mr. Obama's Secretary of Teacher Full-Employment, Arne Duncan, announced Aug. 8 that the testing requirements are serving as an "impediment" and "disincentive" for government educrats, and therefore he's going to encourage some of the states that are having trouble meeting the testing requirements to apply for testing "waivers," come September.

How many states? Um ... 50.

Which must eventually lead even slow-witted parents and taxpayers to ask, "If testing the kids to find out if they can read, write and do simple sums after we've spent 10 or 20 grand per year on each of them is an 'impediment' to what the educrats are supposed to be doing, what on earth are they actually supposed to be doing? And if what they're up to has nothing to do with producing high school graduates who can pass a multiple-choice test that the eighth graders of 1955 could have passed with their eyes closed, why should we keep funding the federal Department of Education, our state Department of Education or even our fraud-peddling local school districts?" - LVRJ

The sad fact is that the paternalistic state expands itself because it's easy money.

What are we doing? We're helping people.

That rapidly becomes: people are idiots, so we need to pander to the stupidest, and protect them.

A few years on from that, all the smart kids are bored and getting penalized, and the eager beaver blockhead types are the talk of the town.

eleven comments

Black cock is no diffrrnt to white cock." Quotation" - 30-08-’11 07:22
I completely agree here. I am a teacher and I have seen first hand how ridiculous the public education system is. Essentially schools are about inundating people with post enlightenment and hippy philosophy.There is no concern with providing students with the foundation neccessary to discover truth, or at least a meaningful vocation. Homeschooling until at least age 11 is probably a good idea, beyond that children should begin there apprenticeship or attend a private school. However that will not occur anytime soo.Until that time, more of us should become teachers in order to eliminate or mollify some of the damage caused by these glossy eyed morons teaching in the classroom. ME? - 30-08-’11 08:28
thats why i fuckin dropped out. shits a joke. every day i just went in sat down and either looked at the ANUS on the school laptop or read Kant. every assignment they give you is fucking busy-work any of the numbskulls in the classroom could do. what is the value of education if its available to everyone? fucking nothing thats what. YUP - 30-08-’11 08:57
Nonsense. Talk about propaganda factories look no further than authoritarian right opinions. Why is virtually everyone capable of reading and writing today as opposed to your extinct days of fascism and aristocrats?

Oh that's right because of public education. Because of anti-poverty and no child left behind programs. Because of minority protection and teacher unions assuring fair compensation for a job well done. Dave - 30-08-’11 10:02
Are you made of like hay or something because you're giving me like a fever or something man

something seems off @Dave - 30-08-’11 10:08
Do it
Fuck Dave. Do it - 30-08-’11 11:57
Buffalo Bill
I dropped out too. Now I'm college educated and going to graduate school, learning how to work and industry, and a free thinker unlike all of the scum vermin that did nothing but clog the arteries of the edema inflated public school system.

This article is 100% right and anyone who disagrees with it is wrong. As evidence I site the fact that [redacted -- no outing -- we have to be fair and apply this to everyone] disagrees with us. Since he is wrong by default every time he opens his mouth, the fact that he disagrees is a compelling case for this being one of the most factual and true articles on the entire internet. Buffalo Bill (Email ) - 30-08-’11 12:50
I love reading and writing! Now I can read about my favourite celebrity and than start a blog about her.

Thanks Public Education!Without you we would all be serfs! You? - 30-08-’11 15:14
Highs cool grajuate
ucK Foff, dAve! Highs cool grajuate - 30-08-’11 23:50
You can't kill me
Virtually everyone = everyone who agrees with "Dave"/failure mongers. It is sadly obvious that our society is pumping out opinionated morons/menial labor fodder on a scale not seen since medieval Europe. Agreed? The solution lies not in peddling equality like some kind of miracle drug, but in acknowledging facts that may not be amenable to "virtually everyone." Pull your head out of your ass, "Dave." You can't kill me - 31-08-’11 15:57
Me either
Agreed Me either - 31-08-’11 22:16

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