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Europeans share common ancestor

25 08 11 - 20:34

From the debunking of modern religions department:

New genetic evidence reveals that most British men are not descended from immigrant farmers who migrated east 5,000-10,000 years ago -- contrary to previous research.
More than 100 million European men have a set of genes called R-M269, including about three-quarters of British men. A key question in understanding the peopling of Europe is when this group spread out across Europe.

Researchers say their work shows that the set of genes chosen to estimate the age of this group of men vary the outcome enormously. They add that the previously reported east-west pattern is not found in their larger and more comprehensive dataset. This, the Oxford-Edinburgh team says, leaves little evidence for a farmer-led dispersal of this major group.

According to Dr Cristian Capelli, the Oxford geneticist who led the research, the study "resets" the debate on the peopling of Europe. He says, "Our works overturns the recent claims of European Y chromosomes being brought into the continent by farmers." - Science Daily

One big happy family!

four comments

The Chinese are still better than everyone else Adrian - 26-08-’11 07:49
sick of white people
Tru dat sick of white people - 26-08-’11 07:49
I'm surprised you'd be pleased with these findings. It shows that British people are, by and large, not Indo-Europeans, and suggests the same about the rest of Europe!

I don't know where you got "Europeans share common ancestor" from in this article. European (Email ) - 26-08-’11 11:20
Knight Templar
Crap article without overview. Knight Templar - 26-08-’11 11:38

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