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Nihilism, Futurist Traditionalism and Conservationism

They play "tolerant" when convenient

23 08 11 - 20:27

Typical of the mentality:

  1. Blog posts critique of counter-culture event.

  2. Counterculturalists get wind of it.

  3. Cue passive aggression, sniping hatred, sidelines deconstruction... but no discussion of the issues raised.

All of liberalism is a giant scam to use socially-acceptable tokens to hide one's own selfishness and desire to manipulate others.

Glad I dodged that bullet long ago. It breeds more if itself within you; it's a bad notion that, once taken in, takes over. Like a parasite.

No wonder the only group liberals cheer for is the parasitic.

Witness the Hatred

fifteen comments

Well, I... "Witnessed the Hatred" and saw what amounted to twenty sarcastic comments. You come off like an over-earnest prig in that article. What did you expect? Besides, you don't detect any irony in accusing "liberals" of hatred, then going on to say the only people they represent are parasites? (You know, like laborers.)

Why deflect your own hatred? This is the main problem with fascists: their hypocrisy. It comes from a lack of introspection. There's no surer way to inculcate this kind of fanatically defensive reaction.

(In fact, here's another example of fascist hypocrisy: when you "passive aggressively" delete this post, instead of "discussing the issues being raised.") Jacob (Email ) - 24-08-’11 02:59
Alpha Demon
What the hell are you talking about Jacob? Please make sense next time. You're all over the place.

Anyway, the only reason to go to Burning Man would be to bang some of those loony-tune stripper chicks in Alien body paint. There's nothing tastier to a Bird of Prey than a Tender Lamb! Alpha Demon - 24-08-’11 06:01
Maybe the author of that article was just an 'outsider' looking in at something he doesn't understand... like those hipsters who don't understand black metal and listen to WitTR. Dave - 24-08-’11 08:34
Jacob uses your typical liberal arguing, first he rejects the arguments as if it was self-evident, then use some sort of social insults. TD - 24-08-’11 10:17
Actually TD, its fascist fucks like you who are the problem not liberals...

You must be dreaming if you think 7 billion people are going to stop breeding with who they want to just because some gay anonymous troll like you says so...

People who have been abused or otherwise have low self-esteem might want to mix racially, but I've yet to find a well-adjusted race-mixer. They're just broken people, like all the girls who end up sluts because daddy raped them repeatedly while saying "good night," or all the boys wearing sailor hats who don't realize that no amount of anal sex can fill a wound in the soul. Our ethnic strife, and our desire to salve it via the passive means of multiculturalism, comes about because we've discarded our cultural-ethnic identities as our societies have collapsed. I'd fix this.
bullshit, your just a racist that's all...

No cares about the white race...accept your demnise and move on... Adrian - 24-08-’11 12:07
Fuck anus.com
P.S. I hope you all die soon... Fuck anus.com - 24-08-’11 12:08
Uncle Adrian McTom
I'm mentally retarded and suck cocks. Thats all there is to it. Uncle Adrian McTom - 24-08-’11 12:27
Gaydrian McMagic Negro
The opponents of this site are GREAT! The contradictions, assumptions, and propaganda reciting bullshit are just another vindication of this site's message. Keep it up guys, and may you all die of your own stupidity VERY soon...especially YOU "Dave". Gaydrian McMagic Negro - 24-08-’11 13:57
Dave Davidson
>contradictions, assumptions, and propaganda

Well done, you just described ANUS with its sound bite level of political and philosophical knowledge. Dave Davidson - 24-08-’11 15:04
Gaydrian McDave
Thanks for proving my point. Gaydrian McDave - 24-08-’11 15:38
sick of white people
tobeh onest i dont realy get this what about easy chiks? im going if theres pot and sluts fuck yeah sick of white people - 24-08-’11 18:24
Alpha Demon
anybody wanna go to Burning Man with me and prey on some lambs? Alpha Demon - 25-08-’11 11:30
Wolf Among the Flock
Alpha Demon, do you want AIDS? Wolf Among the Flock - 26-08-’11 08:59
Alpha Demon
yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm Alpha Demon - 26-08-’11 22:54
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