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From the mouths of dictators

22 08 11 - 19:03

Come the most surprising things:

The party is a contemporary form of dictatorship. It is the modern instrument of dictatorial government. The party is the rule of a part over the whole. As a party is not an individual, it creates a superficial democracy by establishing assemblies, committees, and propaganda through its members. The party is not a democratic instrument because it is composed only of those people who have common interests, a common perception or a shared culture; or those who belong to the same region or share the same belief. They form a party to achieve their ends, impose their will, or extend the dominion of their beliefs, values, and interests to the society as a whole. A party's aim is to achieve power under the pretext of carrying out its program. Democratically, none of these parties should govern a whole people who constitute a diversity of interests, ideas, temperaments, regions and beliefs. The party is a dictatorial instrument of government that enables those with common outlooks or interests to rule the people as a whole. Within the community, the party represents a minority.

The purpose of forming a party is to create an instrument to rule the people, i.e., to rule over non-members of the party. The party is, fundamentally, based on an arbitrary authoritarian concept - the domination of the members of the party over the rest of the people. The party presupposes that its accession to power is the way to attain its ends, and assumes that its objectives are also those of the people. This is the theory justifying party dictatorship, and is the basis of any dictatorship. No matter how many parties exist, the theory remains valid. - Muammar Gaddafi, The Green Book

What makes us think our post-totalitarian society is any more "free" (a term we refuse to define) than a totalitarian one?

In both, there are forbidden items, altered truths, revisionist histories, and a strict ladder up with one path to success -- through allegiance to dogma.

But it makes us feel good to think we're different, like hipsters buying Big Macs ironically.

thirteen comments

Oh no quick people we need to deliver ourselves from the neurotic proletarian monkey liberal competitive altruist reality-deniers. Otherwise god and aristocracy no come back! Repent, mothafuckas!

Repent, dammit. Harumph - 22-08-’11 21:08
Green Piece
i see you learned how to recycle Green Piece - 22-08-’11 23:54
No different
Wolves are the nobler animals inasmuch as they don't fawn, yet they aren't any wiser than dogs. A full maw comes with a leash they learned, and became dogs thus.

Off the leash, they want to roam; wolf within in a world of dogs, they roam in misery.

The fox steals the goose of the leashholder, cats get theirs for free. No different - 23-08-’11 03:28
"i see you learned how to recycle"

Just like writers at this site, amirite? Harumph - 23-08-’11 07:16
more free, not completely.
"What makes us think our post-totalitarian society is any more "free" (a term we refuse to define) than a totalitarian one?"

How about the fact that you're able to say this, and all the other stuff you say that is contrary to "dogma", and not go to any secret prisons or even necessarily have your livelihood affected? more free, not completely. (Email ) - 23-08-’11 10:33
less retard babble, more GTFO
Please, GTFO. I'll even pay for your ticket out. less retard babble, more GTFO - 23-08-’11 11:38
BAR BAR BAR BAR BAR VV&V - 23-08-’11 12:40
ANUS is for autistic and bitter losers with no friends
Gadaffi is (hopefully soon, "was") a deluded despot. I do not see the rationale behind Anus' constant desire for a type of governing that makes the entire population apart from the ruling clique miserable. You really are fucking stupid if you cannot see the clear blue difference between Western democracy and tyranny.

"What makes us think our post-totalitarian society is any more "free" (a term we refuse to define) than a totalitarian one?"

The irony being of course is that by comparing Gadaffi to democracy, you are attempting to condone his freedom-hating rule, and we all know anyway that ANUS has a boner for fascism and hates democracy because if you let people decide what they want you can't slaughter all of the retarded children/people with IQ under 130/immigrants/people who don't agree with your aesthetic ideal. Freedom is quite clearly not your goal. So what exactly is your point you fucking morons? ANUS is for autistic and bitter losers with no friends - 23-08-’11 15:50
Alpha Demon
^ actually, it's people under 120 IQ, but raising the standard to 130 isn't a bad idea. good thinking, dude! Alpha Demon - 23-08-’11 16:16
I don't get it, you always talk about the failures of secular society and the unworkability of social.ism. But when people attempt to overthrow a secularist / social.ist like Gaddafi and restore their traditional government, you call them 'proles' etc. - even when many of the protesters were carrying photos of their former King. @ANUS - 23-08-’11 17:50
nihilistic meditation
If you suspend fear for a few minutes and remember that you don't exist, your mind suddenly becomes clear. nihilistic meditation - 23-08-’11 18:19
Screw you, naysayer above! Every form of hegemony that has ever existed is right because it's natural selection, ya fuckin' turnip-picking prole! Dictators are ubermenschen! >:O Harumph - 23-08-’11 20:11
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