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How you'll die of cancer

21 08 11 - 07:30

What is most likely to give you cancer?

Car exhaust.

Not exotic sources. Common chemicals that surround you every day in the city.

Read up a little bit about Benzo [a] Pyrene, an ingredient in cigarette smoke, car exhaust and especially diesel exhaust.

It is highly carcinogenic in the forms delivered to the human body.

Every few years, someone in the media discovers that the most potent carcinogens are the ones closest to us, generated by our lifestyle.

Let's restart that cycle again!

nine comments

party hardy yall
Everything will give you cancer, brotato. Its best to live every day like its your last and be as stupid and reckless as you want. I mean, its not like it matters if we gonna die anyway. party hardy yall - 21-08-’11 09:04
Codreanu's Ghost
Automobiles no good for Romania. Codreanu's Ghost (Email ) - 21-08-’11 19:20
sick of white people
Thats why niga run a straight exahust mothafuka poison stupid white ppl i let them ride my ass while florin that shit fuck yall sick of white people - 21-08-’11 20:25
stupid pop culture slave
Wow, pretending to be black suuurrrrrre is funny...get's funnier eeeevery time... stupid pop culture slave - 21-08-’11 22:34
sick of white people
That's right, look at Beijing! It's the capital of the greatest country known to man, and it's thoroughly polluted. That means that we should follow their example :) sick of white people - 22-08-’11 06:24
In canada Jack Layton (with the NDP) just died. hahaha - 22-08-’11 14:03
Nice moustache, buddyguy.
LOL Layton was a total faggot. Nice moustache, buddyguy. - 22-08-’11 17:26
sick of white people
whose prtendin? sick of white people - 24-08-’11 08:02
sick of white people
Anyone who denies the majesty and authority of The People's Republic. sick of white people - 25-08-’11 08:29

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