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Our society is unplanned and unthinking

21 07 10 - 09:14

When we talk about social design, we mean people clearly assessing the consequences of any action.

Instead, we do what's convenient and only later stumble over the obvious -- we should have considered its impact:

Women who regularly use household cleaners and air fresheners are at double the risk of developing breast cancer than those who never use the products.

The study of more than 1,500 women found that solid slow-release air fresheners and anti-mould products had the biggest effect.


The biggest effect was with solid air fresheners with those who replaced theirs more than seven times a year twice as likely to have developed beast cancer. - The Telegraph

So it turns out that many of our handy products aren't just a little bit toxic, they're downright carcinogenic. Add that to our Bisphenol-A debacle, the can liners that feminize us, and the high degree of radiation from our gadgets permeating our homes. How did we use our technology to make health hell out of homes?

These products were profitable, but that alone wouldn't explain it. Nope -- legions of morons wanted them. Air fresheners are easier than having a clean house or dealing with the usual bodily and cooking odors. They're a slob-ass band-aid response to a problem only handled by greater air circulation or greater hygiene and housecleaning, which requires actual time and effort. A $5 solid air freshener does not.

Even more, when you're Steve Jobs consulting on the new iPhone, you think, "Gosh, I really should see if it emits too much radiation. But that means we'll get our product to market later, and it'll cost more, and most importantly, NO ONE CARES. None of the big newspapers are comparing the radiation of phones or even measuring it. The consumers don't know and don't care (until they get cancer, then they care). Even 'science' is unsure, since most scientific papers are published for cash money by vested interests anyway. So, screw it -- bury this issue as if it were as inconsequential as worrying if the phone tasted bad to a rhinoceros."

See also this handy list of carcinogenic chemicals you might have in your home.

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