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Multiculturalism still causing endless problems

15 08 11 - 11:13

Now the Dutch contemplate this insanity:

Mr. Wilders’ Freedom Party, which combines racist language with calls for more social spending, won 15.5 percent of the vote in June 2010. He was recently acquitted of charges of hate speech for comparing the Koran to “Mein Kampf” and calling mosques “palaces of hatred.” He wants all immigrants and their children deported and warns of the supposed Muslim plot to create “Eurabia.” - NYT

Do people recognize this as an issue?

They're too busy blaming the tools (corporations) for the bad choices of their masters (consumer-voters):

It does not matter, as writers such as John Ralston Saul have pointed out, that every one of globalism’s promises has turned out to be a lie. It does not matter that economic inequality has gotten worse and that most of the world’s wealth has become concentrated in a few hands. It does not matter that the middle class – the beating heart of any democracy – is disappearing and that the rights and wages of the working class have fallen into precipitous decline as labor regulations, protection of our manufacturing base and labor unions have been demolished. It does not matter that corporations have used the destruction of trade barriers as a mechanism for massive tax evasion, a technique that allows conglomerates such as General Electric or Bank of America to avoid paying any taxes. It does not matter that corporations are exploiting and killing the ecosystem for profit. The steady barrage of illusions disseminated by corporate systems of propaganda, in which words are often replaced with music and images, are impervious to truth. Faith in the marketplace replaces for many faith in an omnipresent God. And those who dissent are banished as heretics. - AdBusters

I have to respectfully disagree with the author of this article: corporations are not the problem. They are the tool of the problem.

They are the symptom and not the disease, the effect and not the cause, the tool and not the toolmaker.

The cause of the problem is our lack of culture. Without culture, we have (a) our raging egos and (b) our own personal pleasures, self-expression, desires, appetites and grandiose egoism.

That is it.

Without any such guidance, we behave selfishly. Corporations then cater to that need.

With culture in place, destructive products would be frowned upon, removing the profit motive for making them.

With culture in place, humanity would not expand so recklessly, as there would be an attitude of restraint.

Instead, we destroy culture with multiculturalism, globalism, internationalism, individualism and Crowdism, and then blame corporations or other leaders.

Anyone but the real culprit:


three comments

Adrian McCoy
Nationalism is gay... Adrian McCoy - 15-08-’11 12:02
I blame Gaydrian McDave. Fascist - 15-08-’11 13:58
Agreed, Obama is a gay nigger. TD - 15-08-’11 20:16

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