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Stirring the fires

15 08 11 - 00:30

Provoking people with what they wish to deny:

Obama is a symbol of diversity succeeding. People elected Obama because he’s black. 95% of black people voted for him because he’s black. White liberals voted for him because he’s black. Everything else was window dressing to disguise that. He never was a great orator, or thinker. He was black. If we see a black guy in the White House, diversity must be OK. - "Scapegoat"

Why do we do elections by popularity? Oh, right -- it's the only "automated" method.

Put your brain on hold and pretend it works.

five comments

Adrian McCoy says fuck you...
Anyone who supports nationalism is a faggot...

Even though I hate being unemployed, I'd rather be poor than be forced to live with my own ethnic group and be told i have to live with my ethnic group just to perpetuate the existence of some shitty race like white people that are gonna die off anyway...

Whites want nationalism because they are becoming a minority, is this suppoorsed to be the black mans problem? NO!!!!!! Adrian McCoy says fuck you... - 15-08-’11 12:05
Adrian McCoy
And don't bother talking about cocks, the more you talk about that shit, the gayer you make yourself andf the metal scene look...

Think about this...if whites were so fucking smart, why would the system you created as a race be crumbling apart if your tribe is so more genetically intelliegent than everyone else?

Why would your people import labor from other countries knowing they would beat your asses and breed out your ethinic stock?

Your race is a failure, and mine has the potential to go places your pitiful tribe will never even dream, of...

keep on talking about cocks and faggots, and keep calling me names, but my people will never agree to any of the negative bullshit this website endorses in a million fucking years... Adrian McCoy - 15-08-’11 12:11
Magic Negro ( not you Adrian )
Go places? Nigga I am goin to da club! Magic Negro ( not you Adrian ) - 15-08-’11 13:55
fucking faggots
Obama is smart, smarter than McCain. Way to completely overlook the other failure of a ticket, nice selective presentation there, anus. fucking faggots - 16-08-’11 01:57
The burden of proof is on you
Obama is a fucking idiot. Prove otherwise...and also prove that anyone here is in support of McCain. The burden of proof is on you - 16-08-’11 13:12

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