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Intelligence: heritable

14 08 11 - 20:34

If Stephen Pinker's The Blank Slate did not thoroughly enough skewer the illusion that we're all equal under the hood, there's a new study that utterly destroys the notion of biological equality:

A landmark article went online a few days ago in the journal Molecular Psychiatry....Using nothing but genetic information, the team of researchers was able to establish that the narrow heritability of crystallized intelligence (the kind that can be more easily affected by education) is at least 40 percent. The narrow heritability of fluid intelligence (the kind that involves pure problem-solving ability, independently of acquired knowledge) is at least 51 percent. Note the at least. The study’s authors explicitly state that these estimates are lower bounds.

Shelves of books and articles denying or minimizing the heritability of IQ have suddenly become obsolete. - "The Debate about Heritability of General Intelligence Radically Narrows," by Charles Murray

We knew this.

The left claims they are afraid of racial data on this topic, but really, they're afraid of class data.

When you prove the poor are poor because their IQs are lower (or they're hooked on drugs/drink, or both) then suddenly egalitarianism goes out the window. 1789 burns in the fires of the science it helped foster.

It's a good time to shove this down some delusional modernist throats.

five comments

"at least 40%" and "at least 51%" is unlikely to be enough to choke those modernist throats, lower bounds or no. realist (Email ) - 14-08-’11 21:13
This is nothing more than the usual scientific racism.


Now who denies this? Dave - 15-08-’11 07:28
Obviously Dave's parents were drooling retards. WHO DENIES THIS!? Reality - 15-08-’11 13:53
Intelligence is heritable but it sure didn't pass down to the mediocrities who write for this blog/site. blah - 16-08-’11 01:58
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