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S&P notices USA is dysfunctional

08 08 11 - 18:34

Sometimes, even adults get a clue.

Standard & Poor downvalued the USA for the first time because of political infighting in the USA. They might as well have listed any of a dozen factors suggesting this democracy is off the rail, as democracies tend to be once it gets easier to promise free things than fix problems.

The proposition nation -- people with nothing in common, united by a Soviet-style dogma of freedom, equality and free entitlements -- has failed in the USA, as it has failed everywhere else it has been tried.

Who is to blame? The people, or rather the majority, who are so oblivious, careless, lazy, ignorant, self-aggrandizing and pompous as to vote for insanity and claim it is enlightened moralism.

Our coverage here:

Of the 1,000,000+ words written on this topic during the last 72 hours, these brief essays are the most honest assessments I've read. If no one else will say it, you have to say it yourself.


Et foun joum
Great article but

we need more NOKTURNEL reviews guys:

Nokturnel - Nothing But Hatred

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=Y6WTPTAF Et foun joum - 08-08-’11 19:20
Pastor of Muppets
Also Timeghoul Pastor of Muppets - 08-08-’11 19:41
sick of white people
Seriously, the Chinese are the shit! A good oriental sodomizing a day keeps the doctor away. sick of white people - 08-08-’11 22:36
You finally learn to speak English? Dave - 08-08-’11 22:38
Hit me, daddy. Abuse me. Dave - 08-08-’11 22:41
Wow, I doubt I even know 10% of those.

Would anyone recommend me a good dictionary? 1,000,000+ - 08-08-’11 22:47
Dave's Dad
You...TONIGHT! Dave's Dad - 08-08-’11 22:49
You're all racist! Dave - 09-08-’11 05:45
@pastor of muppets
you stole my irc name shitface @pastor of muppets - 09-08-’11 10:41
sick of white people
quit jakin my name fukcing fagot sick of white people - 09-08-’11 11:18
Alright, I'll be a bit more realistic. I doubt I even know 5% of those. 1,000,000+ - 09-08-’11 11:25
This is just a political stunt. It changes nothing. America can get back on its feet by allocating resources to those who need it, while we wait for market equilibrium. The rest of this is conspiracy and doom-mantras by far rightists so that they can achieve a little more power. It is pathetic -- go read a book. Economics is not that hard. Dave - 09-08-’11 12:01
Sick of black people
Neither is finding a better investment of your time, Dave. Sick of black people - 09-08-’11 13:26
I gotta get back to my gay elevenway.

P.S.: I'm a bottom. Dave - 09-08-’11 17:21
Well how about someone prove me wrong, and maybe I will leave. Until then, I am going to point out the logical fallacies behind the anus "philosophy". It doesn't take any time at all, dickhead. Dave - 09-08-’11 19:18
It must take a lot of time...because you've been here an awfully long time. Dave - 09-08-’11 21:30
You've never acknowledged your historical inaccuracies or ecological blunders either. jackass... - 10-08-’11 09:41
I want ANUS in my anus. Dave - 10-08-’11 15:33
So far, all Dave did you is make accusations, no real arguments or "point out the logical fallacies" of the text.

Dave is a moralizer, an Internet Knight for the self-evident light of liberal democracy. TD - 10-08-’11 22:14
Casual observer
In other words, a bored dick sucker. Casual observer - 10-08-’11 22:27
My solution to fixing economy
Nuke the gang niggers who rob, rape, kill and mooch off the federal government and we'll be alright. My solution to fixing economy - 11-08-’11 05:07
IN PROGRESS: Death Leprosy leads Entombed Left Hand Path, 70% to 30% Aug 10 - Aug 11

IN PROGRESS: Morbid Angel Altars Of Madness leads Obituary Cause Of Death, 54% to 46% Aug 10 - Aug 11 DO NOT FORGET THE BNR DEATH METAL TOURNAMENT!!! - 11-08-’11 16:21
No your S&P noticed a large number of insufficiently educated people made some sort of Tea Party rabble in an attempt to overthrow modern progress and human rights. They have already stated the rating change is due to political instability, not economic weakness.

Blaming the so called entitlements for making the economy weak that for all we know almost any American is eligible for is the stuff that cruelty and suffering are made of. Oh yes entitlements and the social safety net are not the cause no matter what you name calling, hate filled right wing authoritarian scum want to think. Dave - 11-08-’11 19:51
My sister, she is #4 prostitute in all of Prozakhistan Dave - 11-08-’11 20:01
Jesus Christ
"Well how about someone prove me wrong"

The burden of proof is always on the person making the claim. Hence, you must prove your own points. Shifting the burden of proof on us, i.e. 'you can't prove me wrong so I'm right' is a logical fallacy.

Argumentum ad hominem has been another logical fallacy you've committed when instead of offering proof for your claims you just resort to typical liberal name-calling, i.e. racist, fascist, etc. even though Vijay has articles against both.

Appeal to pity is another logical fallacy you've comitted, we can't disagree with you, i.e. you can't believe that since, the poor black people will be oppressed then, or group X will be oppressed then it's evil, etc.

Therefore you are either a bored troll, flamer or just a typical liberal.

Look you really believe in liberalism? Why not go out to the ghetto to help the poor black people instead of waste your time here? Jesus Christ - 12-08-’11 06:29
In Obamas USA, welfare lives on you! Dave - 12-08-’11 13:14
Fuck this website
I want this website taken down now... Fuck this website - 12-08-’11 15:01
Magic Negro
I want your society taken down now, "Dave". Fuck off. Magic Negro - 12-08-’11 18:33
Onward to the Free Utopia of Equality! Dave - 12-08-’11 18:53
Onward to your Mom! America - 12-08-’11 22:47

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