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Ostrich buries its head in first-world living

28 07 11 - 18:02

From the usual blather:

So if there is no road back to how things used to be, to the naïve fearlessness of what was untouched, there is a road forward. To be brave. To keep on as before. To turn the other cheek as we ask: “Is that all you’ve got?” To refuse to let fear change the way we build our society. - NYT

This drooling nordmoron misses the point: you were living in illusion, promoting ideologies and actions that were obviously destructive, and someone finally called you on it.

You're no different than the pushy driver who eventually encounters someone else who doesn't stop. "Well, you ran that stop sign -- I just didn't figure I should stop to fix things for you, so I smashed your car, and it's your fault. Get ready to pay my insurance company."

Afloat on wealth and luxury, you kept making suburban-idle-person decisions. Sure, bring in more immigrants. Liberalize the schools! Teach propaganda! These things make me feel better about myself. I have no intention of participating in them, but I feel like a little Jesus Christ for demanding them. And my friends -- who also work easy desk jobs, are empowered and protected by a vast legal system -- think the same way. Society won't change. We're just making it better.

Then those things fail and you keep chattering on, with your head in the clouds.

Finally you wake up when someone shoots up your cities. But you wouldn't have otherwise, which is why he did it.

Josh Foster (of the University of South Alabama) and I are releasing a study today showing that narcissistic traits are increasing even faster than we previously thought. From 2002 to 2007, college students' scores on the Narcissistic Personality Inventory (NPI) rose twice as fast as we'd found in an earlier study that covered changes between 1982 and 2006. (The NPI measures narcissistic traits among the normal population, not necessarily rising to the level of a clinical diagnosis).

Then there's the shocking data recently released by researchers from the National Institutes of Health. They surveyed a nationally representative sample of 35,000 Americans about symptoms that can add up to Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), the more severe, clinical form of the trait. They asked if someone had ever experienced these symptoms in their lifetime, so you'd expect that older people would have a much higher rate than younger people since they've lived more years. However, the data go the opposite direction: Only 3% of people over 65 had ever experienced NPD, compared to nearly 10% of people in their twenties. It's possible that older people forgot some symptoms from earlier in their lives, but that would have to be a large amount of forgetting to account for this big a discrepancy. With almost 1 out of 10 people in their twenties already experiencing NPD, it's sobering to realize how high that number might go in the coming decades.

So the whole society has become more narcissistic - not just the people, but our entire value system. - Psychology Today

Narcissism is self-worship and to a large degree, denial of the world outside the self.

You can get away with it for a little while, but then it comes crashing down.

We have been living on illusions for too long because these illusions are popular and seem positive.

(2) It was really inevitable that shipping all the jobs overseas to places like China and Taiwan for rich people could make a lot of money would be unsustainable in the long run – the vain hope for an “information economy” and a “summer of recovery” and a “Sputnik moment” have, alas, come to naught.

(3) It was really inevitable that the wish of racial equality and all the social programs designed to create racial equality (think of Head Start or No Child Left Behind or housing projects) would fail because it was always based on a lie that was refuted by even the most cursory objective examination of the facts.

(4) It was really inevitable that the Universal Church of Political Correctness would lose its media monopoly as technology democratized narrative power.

(6) It was really inevitable that feminism and abortion and loose living – the sort of degeneracy known to the Ancients, discarded by “Wise Men” technocrats, the wisdom of generations we call “tradition” – would destroy Europe and America in the long run in exactly the same way that Rome fell after it was depopulated and invaded by barbarians.

(7) It was really inevitable that people who are utterly disconnected from the physical creation of wealth – cloistered in universities where they have created a language of “racial progress” even more complex than Scholastic theology – could lead us into the bright utopian future of tomorrow. - OD

Living in an illusion, you get mad when people disturb you.

You blame them for somehow "ruining" your nice happy oblivion trip.

But the fact is they ruined nothing. Life could go on as it had.

But now you're afraid to do that because you and others have seen that it is illusion.

The fear is from within. Breivik is in jail. It's the rest of you trembling now.

fourteen comments

sick of white people
goodp int but i would say it was more racism then ppl not working hard enugh

i apreeciat eif you recongie that in ur ntext article. it should baboue about how slavery saffected the whole people and they are owed reprations no more bullshit pls. sick of white people - 28-07-’11 19:02
nigra is problema
The trolls here just get worse and worse... nigra is problema - 28-07-’11 19:35
this is a stupid idea. Nobody is living an illusion. Someone is a reactionary stuck in the past who cannot accept progress across the board.

Maybe there is a brief recession but this is no reason to panic. Maybe you should look to the rich, the corporations and banks. Did you know IBM and some of your banks helped the Nazis? If anything the economic down turn is CAUSED by the old fascist regime. Why do you think minority groups are still getting kept down while the rich get richer?

And no, the ultra right fanatic Breivik is both in jail and probably very afraid because we the people do not approve of harm. When the people rise up against fascism intolerance and terror we all know what happens. Read some history. We simply will not stand for it.

We look back on liberation and civil rights where ALL points of view are given respectful consideration as our example. You people look ahead down the narrow dark tunnel of hate at a future that will never ome. Just remember as you sink into despair you never joined humanity in believing. Dave - 28-07-’11 20:41
I thought you said you were done with ANUS
"We look back on liberation and civil rights where ALL points of view are given respectful consideration as our example."...except those that disagree with you, right? Fuck off troll. Too bad you weren't at Utoya. Oh, Papa Smurf! Those poor minorities! Those poor minorities who will will probably oppress your sorry ass for walking through their neighborhood based on nothing more than your race. Keep verifying what this site says with your blather, "Dave", because attitudes like yours are the reason why mankind is heading for a self-imposed lesson that it will NEVER forget. I thought you said you were done with ANUS - 28-07-’11 21:24
Knight Templar
Justiciar Knight in command reporting for duty! Knight Templar - 29-07-’11 00:43
I hope this proves to you that the underclass is equal and even superior http://www.theblaze.com/stories/police-homeless-woman-snatches-baby-from-stroller-tries-to-eat-its-arm/ LOOKIE HERE (URL) - 29-07-’11 09:12
That poor black homeless woman was just oppressed by that self-entitled upper-middle class white baby. Dave - 29-07-’11 09:30
That last comment was not mine.


Typical right wing tabloid. The day will come when all points of view are tolerated except those that harm the esteem of vulnerable groups like that story.

That pretty much leaves out the racists doesn't it. Progress is inevitable. Get used to it. Dave - 29-07-’11 16:35
Progress is the future. Onward to Utopia! Dave - 29-07-’11 16:54
The first step is to brutally slaughter every single non-White on the planet Dave - 30-07-’11 05:29
sick of white people
White pople are fucking stupid. They blame their problems on the black man and jews. FUCK YOU SUTPID FUCKS.

Think aobut it retars, you are the stpuid fucks tha imported us as salves .You are the idiots that borrowed moeny from bankers. You are the idiots that vote for idiots to run your countires. You are responsible for all your own fuking problems.

I think white pll with their "high iqs" are the stupidest subest of huamnity to ever exist. I can't wait until y'all go extinct. sick of white people - 30-07-’11 20:59
Magic Negro (I have ALL the answers)
Watchoo talkin bout Willis? Magic Negro (I have ALL the answers) - 30-07-’11 22:41
Wow this is some serious bullshit. After being away for so long i come back to find ANUS has really gone to shits (pun intended). Now clearly just a mouth piece for anti-'liberalism' and attempting to sanctify terrorism/indiscriminate killing of innocents when it suits your agenda? (I'm sure the author of this intellectual feces condemns the 9/11 attacks which were obviously in response to the exploitation of the 3rd world by wealthy 1st world nations). This is just insane bullshit, not only is the author clearly assuming he understands the reality of Breivik's mental state and intentions, he is also too stupid to acknowledge that a terror attack slaying dozens of unarmed liberal women and children will only result in a MASSIVE upswing of liberalism, effectively self-defeating it's own purpose! I am saddened to see this site has gone to shits and become just as laughably trivial as the rest of the media and insane as the man who's actions it is now supporting. ANUS used to have coherent non-biased observations on politics and the world at large, don't know who is running the show now but both the new aesthetic and content are total crap. Man why does everything i like turn to dog shit? JooPe - 09-08-’11 23:52
North Man
Thank you for this article. Please continue what you are doing. North Man (Email ) - 13-08-’11 15:46

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