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Hipsters: blight

24 07 11 - 09:05

When your civilization gets ready to die, it first loses hold of any purpose held in common.

That leaves us with the drama of the individual.

People who are either (a) exceptional or (b) self-actualized duck out of this, of course. They are more interested in using themselves as a means to an end, as paradoxically, that's the only way they get a positive experience of life.

But people with nothing going for them become either humdrum idiots commuting to pointless jobs, or humdrum idiots commuting to pointless jobs and pretending to be important.

The most visible sub-group of that group are the hipsters: ordinary people who camouflage themselves as extraordinary using eccentic collections of cultural objects for the purpose of self-aggrandizement through uniqueness/ostentation/flamboyance/absurdity/"different"ness/irony:

From Your Scene Sucks. Note this better description of the hipster: Hipster: The Dead End of Western Civilization.

With apologies to Glenn Benton:

You are the one we despise
Day in day out your words comprise lies
I will love watching you die
Soon it will be and by your own demise

Buried in hypocrisy
Lacerate your faith in trends
Morally diseased
On the fixie of drama your body so unexceptional

Blessing as you hate
Loyal to your enemies
Fashion is your faith
As hip you'll pay for the lies of your prophecy
Sanity wants you dead

Kill the hipster, kill the hipster
Kill the hipster, kill the hipster
Kill the hipster, kill the hipster
Kill the hipster

Armies of justice unite
Destroy their clubs and pubs with fire
Where in his world will you hide
Sentenced to death, the anointment of lies

In due time your path leads to me
Remove you from your misery

The death of pretense
Kill the hipster

Kill the hipster...dead!
- Deicide

seventeen comments

The Real Dave's #1 Fan
You: broken record The Real Dave's #1 Fan - 24-07-’11 11:54
hipster among you
We're just having fun and probably get laid way more than you, what's the problem? Angry and bitter that the whole Texas Secession thing hasn't taken off yet? hipster among you - 24-07-’11 12:38
sick of white people
i fuk thos druged out hpister bitches most hae herpes and r kinda lose but put out so easy. fuck society gethigh fuck bitches sick of white people - 24-07-’11 13:38
This will probably be my last post since everyone just makes fun and nobody wants to listen to compassion so I will leave you all with this.

No place for hate. Dave - 24-07-’11 15:22
My mom never told me she loved me. =[ Dave - 24-07-’11 15:53
About 7 years ago I went out for Taco Bell. I remember swallowing the greasy faux meat down my throat imagining it was a man's sweaty member. 20 minutes later I started to get severe stomach cramps. I rushed home but couldn't make it and shat my drawers. As I walked in the house my wife saw the shit-trail I left behind and freaked out. She called me "poopy pants" and left me and the dog. Ever sense I just haven't been the same. Dave - 24-07-’11 18:02
Dave's Mom
You were an accident,Dave...fuck off. Dave's Mom - 24-07-’11 21:40
pathetic anus post, as always
Yeah, too bad there was a Decline of Western Civilization movie devoted to metal 20 years go. Not to mention metalfaggots are the ultimate hipsters and made that list twice. It wasn't until recently that the archetypal and now outdated "hipster" was even included in the canon. pathetic anus post, as always - 24-07-’11 21:45
sick of white people
I just sit around eating my ass all day. sick of white people - 25-07-’11 06:43
hipsters are sluts
Art school girls are really easy, and plus since their "liberated women" they do all the work in bed. All you have to do is talk about oppression and about how much you like Arcade Fire, and their panties just slide off. Well hypothetically since they usually don't wear any. hipsters are sluts - 25-07-’11 07:32
Hipsters are sluts and you're still a virgin, funny how the world works, eh? lol - 25-07-’11 15:39
Violent Headbanger of Hell
There are so many scene queens and generic emo girls visiting the ANUS blog. A place usually reserved for Hessians and real headbangers is now plagued with these losers. You know them because they are just there to bitch about how much they hate the site. Violent Headbanger of Hell - 25-07-’11 16:09
So True
BINGO! So True - 25-07-’11 16:11
Made stupid music
RINGO! Made stupid music - 25-07-’11 17:46
sick of white people
sdhtk the fuck up im so high lol fo shoa sick of white people - 25-07-’11 17:53
art school dropouts are sluts too
"Hipsters are sluts and you’re still a virgin, funny how the world works, eh?"

Uh-oh a "liberated woman" has hurt feelings. Typical hipster comeback, "you just don't get laid brah". art school dropouts are sluts too - 26-07-’11 06:56
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