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Andrew Berwick / Anders Behring Breivik manifesto

23 07 11 - 19:04

Video manifesto:

  • Knights Templar 2083 - Movie Trailer

  • 1500 page written manifesto:

  • A European Declaration of Independence
  • twelve comments

    Loki Darkmoon
    Christianity is a diagnosis. It's like Islam and the other Asian religions, a HIV/AIDS of the spirit and mind-Varg Vikernes
    this man is a fool if he truly believes that Christianity is European. Loki Darkmoon (Email ) - 24-07-’11 00:58
    I agree with Loki
    Nazareny is a sickness, a cancer that has spread. Not to mention how he indiscriminately killed people, that will accomplish nothing. Nazareny is the problem, not the solution. From whence came the curse of humanism? I agree with Loki - 24-07-’11 06:55
    He killed spoiled commie brats, and set a new standard at that. Korgüll - 24-07-’11 07:20
    The guy shot 82 little punks with a single pistol. They deserved death if all those punks were cowardly enough not to mob the guy. Levy_Spearmen - 24-07-’11 10:08
    You deserve death from posting such a retarded message while sitting on your candy ass in Murrica. You look like fucking Powder you scrawny fuck, shut the hell up and don't come back again. Bluto - 24-07-’11 21:52
    Thor Darkstar is my gothic name
    rofl @ "Loki Darkmoon" Thor Darkstar is my gothic name - 24-07-’11 21:53
    Ugh, I can't believe people are actually appluading this scumbag murderer. Franny - 25-07-’11 00:34
    sick of white people
    Scurja. Moompy moompy moomp. Smasma smasma dur dur. sick of white people - 25-07-’11 06:45
    This is gun. Fuck you. Levy_Spearmen - 25-07-’11 09:38
    anon is legion
    The "Anonymous" moralfags are trying to get rid of any trace of the manifesto on the internet, so in the spirit of defiance of the State's brand of morality I've uploaded it to several auxiliary sites too.


    and remember to put the h t t p : / / before megaupload and filesonic without the spaces and obviously replace the [dot] with a period. anon is legion - 26-07-’11 08:52
    vijay the video manifesto has been deleted i've reuploaded it

    megaupload[dot]com/?d=3NKDVE60 gayman - 28-07-’11 12:46
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    MONCLER ダウン http://www.japan2moncler.com MONCLER ダウン (URL) - 18-01-’13 00:39

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